Mission Health Brand Standards Guide

Coca Cola. What comes to mind? Target. Do you imagine the infamous red Target symbol? (Are you now thinking about what you need to get at Target?) Hotel (trivago). Don’t get mad, get Glad. Meanwhile, everybody knows that Goldfish is the snack that smiles back, and that Bounty is the quicker, picker upper. Who would have thought that something as simple as “Just do it” would never be the same because of powerful branding?

Mission Health. What do you think of?

A brand isn’t just a company’s name, logo or catchy slogan. It’s a feeling, it’s a memory and it’s an experience. It’s a company’s reputation – it’s how we talk about and present ourselves, and it’s how people talk about us. Our logo tells our story. What do our patients and community think when they hear or see Mission Health? What do you think of when you hear or see Mission Health?

We know that people trust Mission Health for our quality of care, but where we have opportunity to better connect with those we serve is in the compassion that drives our care and is ultimately the reputation for which we strive.

The Mission Health Brand

Our Brand Standards

Companies preserve and promote the authenticity of their brand through brand standards.

Our brand standards create a common language and help ensure consistency in logos, naming conventions at all levels, colors and graphics.

Color, image and most importantly, our message, and the consistency of each of these things shape and influence our brand. Following Mission Health’s Brand Standard Guidelines helps preserve and protect the value of Mission Health’s brand and can connect our patients, families and team members to our quality and compassionate nature.

Download or Request Branded Materials

Mission Health’s Brand Standards Guide includes downloadable logos, an updated PowerPoint template and links to branded merchandise. How our consumers perceive and engage with Mission Health is an important part of their experience with us. Thanks for abiding by our brand standards.

» Download the PowerPoint Template

» Standard Mission Health Logospecial use logos are available upon request. Contact your team’s designated Marketing or Communications Consultant. If you do not have one, contact Mission Health’s Marketing and Communications department at marketing@msj.org.

» For Mission Health branded merchandise/products, visit this page.


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