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COVID-19 Vaccine Information

  • New! Latest Vaccine Update
  • New! COVID-19 Numbers Perspective and COVID-19 By The Numbers Video – 9/23/21
  • New! COVID-19 Vaccination in Women of Childbearing Age – 9/1/21
  • Vaccine Reminders and FAQ – 2/5/2021
    • When being vaccinated, the second dose should be administered as close to the recommended interval as possible. However, if it is not feasible to adhere to the recommended interval, the second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines may be scheduled for administration up to 6 weeks (42 days) after the first dose. There are currently limited data on efficacy of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines administered beyond this window. If the second dose is administered beyond these intervals, there is no need to restart the series.
    • Questions have surfaced about interactions and timing between the COVID-19 and TB testing.  There is no evidence to suggest that TB testing impacts the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine, however the CDC has released guidance to address questions on potential interaction.  Please reference the CDC’s Dear Colleague Letter to learn more about TB testing and COVID-19 vaccine spacing.
    • To stay abreast of state vaccination activities, please visit the CDC COVID-19 State Vaccination Tracker.
    • There has been conflicting information between the WHO and CDC regarding safe vaccination for pregnant women.  Experts across the enterprise continue to agree that, given the high risk that pregnant persons carry with COVID-19 disease, we continue to follow CDC guidance for vaccination of pregnant persons.
    • There have been several myths regarding vaccine safety.  Dr. Jon Perlin answers these questions and provides clarity in the most recent release of HCA TODAY.
    • We will still be requiring all patient, visitors, and employees be masked in all public and patient care areas of Mission Health hospitals. While we hope that many people are or will soon be vaccinated, we do not require this of anyone at this time. The CDC Guidelines specifically state that when vaccinated people are in public spaces masks are still required to protect those who may not be vaccinated. Further, as those who work in healthcare, we want our employees to be role models regarding the importance of masking in public settings.

Participant Pre-Arrival Training Materials:

  • Concerned about your 2nd dose window? Watch here. – 1/7/21
  • Reference the HHCCA Atlas Education  page for the most current education and information – 1/7/21
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring Information – 12/22/20
  • COVID-19 How mRNA Vaccines Work – 12/17/20
  • COVID-19 Guidance: Should I Take the COVID-19 Vaccine? – 12/17/20
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Discharge Information – 12/17/20
  • Healthstream Module Self- Enrollment:   HealthStream COVID-19 Vaccine Participant Decision (8 minute video – explains how when the form will be delivered, purpose of the use of the form, explains each section of the form,  defines who will fill in each section) – 12/17/20
  • ATLAS Vaccination for Colleagues  HCA FAQ for HCA Colleagues- Who is eligible?  Should I take it? COVID 19 and mRNA vaccine; If I want the vaccine how do I get started? What is tiering? How mRNA vaccines work?  When will vaccines arrive? When can my family receive? Forms and documentation; Post vaccination information; vaccine information – 12/17/20

Our Responsibility In and Out of Work

  • COVID-19 Education Booster – 7/26/21
  • The importance of universal masking at all times is a proven safety precaution in preventing the spread of coronavirus infection in our practices and clinics. However, our vigilance must not stop once we leave work.To protect our patients, each other and our communities, it is imperative that we all follow social distancing and masking guidelines in our personal lives outside of the practices and clinics. We have been experiencing an increasing number of our colleagues developing COVID-19 symptoms or testing positive for COVID-19. Therefore, it is important to remember that we can just as easily become exposed, infected and spread COVID-19 in our routines outside of work. Unfortunately, this can result in bringing that exposure risk back to our patients and our colleagues.With community spread spiking in several south and southwest states, it is absolutely necessary that we take these new surges seriously and follow universal masking protocols, as well as practice social distancing in and outside of our work places.As healthcare workers, our patients and our communities look to us for guidance and expertise in battling this pandemic. If we do not practice safe and responsible infection prevention tactics in public, then we give the wrong signal to others and increase likelihood of continued surges. We must first lead by example, and then treat with compassion, evidence-based medicine and a clear message that we are all in this together.

Staff Health

  • If an employee is potentially exposed to COVID, employee should determine if exposure is confirmed (based on this CDC chart) and follow the steps below based on whether employee is asymptomatic/symptomatic. – 8/11/21Employees make note of which scenario applies and follows the steps below—
    • Confirmed exposure meeting CDC criteria – Fully Vaccinated or NOT Fully Vaccinated – Asymptomatic
      • Continue to work as long as you are asymptomatic
      • Universal masking while at work
      • Monitor for symptoms
      • Seek treatment and testing if you become symptomatic and notify WorkWell.  If you become symptomatic, you must be cleared by WorkWell at 828-213-9600, opt 1 before returning to work.
    • Confirmed exposure meeting CDC criteria – Fully Vaccinated or NOT Fully Vaccinated – Symptomatic
      • Remove yourself from work and notify your manager
      • Seek treatment and testing and notify WorkWell
      • If are symptomatic, you must be cleared by WorkWell at 828-213-9600, opt 1 before returning to work.
  • Return to Work Reminder –  8/10/21
    • Employees who are evaluated and tested for COVID need to contact WorkWell at 828-213-9600 (Option 1) in order to be cleared to return to work. This includes employees that test negative at MyCareNow, their primary care provider, and other offices.
    • Employees, regardless of test result, should not return to work on their own.
    • Leaders need a return to work note from WorkWell before allowing employees back if they have been evaluated and tested for COVID.
      • Exception: If someone is only tested post exposure and is 100% asymptomatic, they can continue working with a pending test.  We do not need to clear them to return to work if they remain 100% asymptomatic and the test is negative.  If they develop symptoms or test positive, they should be removed from work and call WorkWell for a return to work discussion
    • The algorithm for a safe return to work changes frequently, so please contact WorkWell for the latest guidance and to be properly cleared.
    • Because healthcare providers have close contact with patients, a conservative approach to symptom monitoring and testing is recommended to prevent transmission of COVID-19, especially with the prevalence of the highly contagious Delta variant. Since vaccinated colleagues may still have a breakthrough infection but only experience mild symptoms such as an increase in nasal congestion, a low threshold for evaluating symptoms and testing healthcare colleagues should be applied.

HR and Benefits

General Information

Mission Hospital Information only

  • COVID-19: Essential Items in Mission Hospital Gift Shop
  • Mission Hospital Virtual Town Hall summary
  • Mission Hospital Entrances: Please remember to use the hospital entrances designated for staff rather than patient-only entrances. See below for a list of entrances and their designation:
    • Entrance 1: Emergency Department – open 24/7 to patients and staff.
    • Entrance 1 HD: open 6:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday for patients and staff.
    • Entrance 2: North Tower – open 5 am to 5 pm for elective surgical and procedural patients only.
    • Entrance 4: McDowell Deck/Main Lobby – open 5 am to 8:30 pm to patients and employees, Entrance 1 and 9 available to employees after 8:30 pm.
    • Entrance G1: Biltmore Lower Deck – badge access required, employees only. Please note that this entrance will be closed daily, 8 pm to 6 am. Please use entrance 9 during this time.
    • Entrance 9: Labor and Delivery – accessible 24/7 for expecting mothers. Staff may also access this entrance between 8 pm to 6 am.
    • Entrance 10: Heart Tower – open from 5 am to 5 pm for patients only.
    • Cancer Center 21 HD: First Floor entrance (door nearest parking deck) open 7 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, for patients and staff, badge access available 5 pm to 7 am.
    • St. Joseph Main Entrance: accessible to patients and staff from 6 am to 8 pm; after 8 pm, please use south entrance, located near the Security Office.

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