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Employment and income (i.e., wage) verification is the disclosure of dates of employment, position held, eligibility for re-hire, and income to lenders, apartment managers, or other credit agencies where a current or former employee may have made an application.

HCA Healthcare contracts with a vendor, Thomas & Company, to provide employment verification and wage information to former employees and/or third-party vendors (lenders, apartment managers, and other credit agencies to which a current or former employee may have made an application). The service enables loan, rental or credit applications to be processed quickly and efficiently with minimal effort.


This information applies to all current and former employees.

For any employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), if there is any conflict between the information in this policy and the CBA, the CBA prevails.

Inquiries for Wage Verification

The employee will need to provide the verifier with HCA Healthcare’s Company Code (HCA747), Verifier PIN, and their Social Security Number. The verifier PIN is obtained by the former/current employee in need of the verification. The employee can generate the verifier PIN by accessing the employee portal:

  • Log into the Employee Portal by going to www.Thomas-and-Company.com
  • Click the green Request Employment and Wage Verification button
  • Click the Get Started button followed by the Employee Access button
  • Complete the employee log-in with the following details:
    • First and last name
    • Email address
    • Social Security Number
    • HCA Healthcare’s Company Code (HCA747)
    • Employee identification number
  • Verify your email address
    • Upon completing the log-in, an authentication email with a link will be sent to the email address provided. Click on the link to gain access to the Employee Access Portal hompage
  • On the Employee Access Portal homepage, click the green Get Started button next to the Generate Verifier PIN option
  • Verify information provided, terms and conditions, and click Agree and Finish
    • The verifier PIN will be displayed. Email, print or write down the PIN for the verifier to use for gathering immediate verification through www.Thomas-and-Company.com
  • If a verifier PIN is not provided, the verifier must provide a signed release from the former/current employee to allow Thomas & Company to provide their information. Thomas and Company cannot release any information without a verifier PIN or signed release from the individual whose information is being requested
  • If the verifier is unable to use the website, they may email Thomas & Company’s Verifications Department at Verifications@Thomas-and-Company.com to submit the request. Requests made outside of the website will be responded to within three business days of the request. However, if the request with all necessary information is made through the website, information will be provided immediately
  • The verifier will be provided with the following information: employee name, address, first day of work, last day of work (if applicable), pay rate, pay rate type (hourly, salary), average hours worked per week (if hourly), position(s), and three years of pay details

Inquiries for Employment Verifications Only (Non-Wage Requests)

  • Verifier will need HCA Healthcare’s company code (HCA747) and the employee’s Social Security Number
  • Verifier will need to go to www.Thomas-and-Company.com and click on the green Request Employment and Wage Verification button
  • The site will provide the employee’s first day of work, last day of work (if applicable), position, and position type (full or part-time) immediately

Additional Support through Employee Access Portal

  • In addition to obtaining the verifier PIN, the Employee Access Portal grants employees access to block and unblock their data, view historic PINs and verifier requests, delete PINs, dispute dates of employment and/or wages
  • On rare occasions when it is necessary for an employee to have a verification completed for personal reason not involving a commercial verifier, employees may obtain this verification through the Employee Access Porta. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), an individual is entitled to one free personal verification per year. Employees can obtain this one verification by logging into their Employee Access Portal.
    • For personal verifications, the employee will be provided with: employee name, address, first day of work, last day of work (if applicable), pay rate, pay rate type (hourly, salary), average hours worked per week and position

Government Agency Requests

All government agency requests for employment or wage information should be mailed, faxed or emailed to Thomas and Company’s Verifications Department. Please refer to the contact information for Thomas & Company below. Requests will be completed and returned to the appropriate government agency.

If the verifier needs further assistance, they should contact:

Thomas & Company Verifications Department

Post Office Box 280100, Nashville, TN 37228


Direct: 615-620-0569 Main: 615-242-8246 Fax: 615-242-5826

Additional Information

Thomas & Company is unable to provide records of eligibility for rehire for former employees with a termination date prior to October of 2005. Employees terminated prior to October 2005 must contact their former HCA Healthcare’s HR department to obtain past employment and rehire eligibility information.

FAQs and Printer-Friendly Resources

Rules Regarding Information Release

Employment and/or income verification information will only be released to those inquirers who provide a signed release of information by the current/former employee. If a former employee is ineligible for re-hire, the inquirer may ask for additional detail, which will be supplied by the HCA-affiliated employer. This may include reason for termination.

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