About Leadership Loop

Leadership Loop is for team members at Mission Health who have at least one direct report.

Leading people in a complex organization and a complex industry is not for the faint of heart. With so much competing for your time and attention, it can be hard to know how best to keep up with all the information you need for yourself, and for your team.

Good news! Introducing Leadership Loop: News You Can Use

A communication tool specifically for leaders (who have at least one direct report) at Mission Health.

Similar to The SCOPE (which is for all team members), Leadership Loop is just for leaders and resides online–where you are now–and includes an email that’s sent every other Tuesday with a summary of what’s new and links to access further information on hot topics, toolkits and suggestions for how to easily and appropriately share information with your team.

How to Get the Loop

The information you need is easy to access anytime, either at or away from Mission Health, by:

  • Going to missionandme.com/leadership-loop
  • When prompted for a password, enter the one you’ve received in a Leadership Loop email (if you can’t remember, email NCDV.LeadershipLoop@hcahealthcare.com).
  • Navigate Leadership Loop’s main menu: Hot Topics, Newsletter Archive, Leader Toolkits, Leadership Launch and About (what you’re reading now). Most of the “news you can use” will be under Hot Topics, where you can click each post for the information you need.
  • You should only have to enter a password one time each session when accessing anything within Leadership Loop, but if you are prompted for one, the password is the same and your key to getting in every time.
    • NOTE: Post titles say “Protected” because only you and other leaders can access this information.

We believe Leadership Loop will quickly become your go-to place for all sorts of updates useful to you as a leader.

From information about the merit pay process, to upcoming classes for you and your team, important deadlines and tasks, to revenue cycle and IT initiatives, to important business updates, Leadership Loop will cut down on one-off emails on these topics and will put all the information you need as a leader in an easy to understand and share (when appropriate) format, right at your fingertips.

Best of all, Leadership Loop isn’t just a place for you to receive information – it’s a place for you to share it, too! We look forward to sharing with you how you can suggest important topic ideas in the next edition.

Leadership Loop is for team members at Mission Health who have at least one direct report.

Are you receiving Leadership Loop but don’t think you should be, or do you have other questions? Email NCDV.LeadershipLoop@hcahealthcare.com.


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