Pandemic Benefits Update

Quarantine Pay and Voluntary Unpaid Pandemic Leave of Absence Policies to End May 17 – Updated 4/22/21

In March of 2020, HCA Healthcare announced its quarantine pay policy to care for colleagues working in a patient care setting who had to quarantine away from work due to COVID-19 exposure or illness. Now, as all colleagues who work in a patient care setting have had the opportunity to be vaccinated against COVID-19, we are ending the quarantine pay policy effective May 17, 2021. Colleagues who wish to receive COVID-19 vaccination may contact employee health in their facility, a local CareNow clinic or other local vaccination provider.

The Voluntary Unpaid Pandemic Leave of Absence policy will also end May 17, 2021. This policy was implemented in May 2020 for full-time or part-time colleagues to take up to six months off to care for their families during the COVID-19 pandemic. No new leave requests of this type will be accepted after May 17.

Below are answers to questions that you may have as a result from these policy changes.

What if I test positive for COVID-19?
You should follow your facility’s process for taking paid time off, and if applicable you can call the Time Away From Work Service Center at (855) 858-7557.

Does this mean COVID-19 vaccines are now mandated?
No. Though HCA Healthcare strongly encourages the vaccine, it is your choice whether or not to receive it. But, now that all colleagues who work in a patient care setting have had the opportunity to be vaccinated, we will revert back to the normal pay practices used for illness and time off work starting May 17.

What if my state has a law that requires paid leave benefits as a result of COVID-19?
HCA Healthcare will comply with local, state and federal laws that require some type of paid leave for certain COVID-19-related conditions.

What if I need to take a personal leave of absence related to COVID-19 after May 17?
Call the Time Away From Work Service Center at (855) 858-7557 for information about the types of leave available to you.



(Published on May 13, 2020)

As our organization continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we are beginning to thoughtfully and safely reboot operations and, while the future is uncertain, we are hoping for an eventual rebound in volumes. However, we are also preparing for a longer recovery period that requires thoughtful business decisions focusing on patient care and safety, as well as the safety of our team members.

One priority of the reboot is to be more diligent in implementing key initiatives, including pandemic pay, across our operations. This will include protecting and supporting our team members while also assuring we maintain the financial resilience of our organization.

The decrease in patient volumes affects us all, and so we all will need to sacrifice in some way. The changes outlined below have been carefully weighed and considered by our senior leadership team among many options, and they are necessary to keep as many people working as possible while we also keep our team members and patients safe.

As part of this, we are continuing to offer quarantine pay for our patient care and warehouse teams, as well as pandemic pay for those in patient care areas. Now, we will be implementing additional eligibility rules around these two programs – find more specifics in our FAQs.

Additionally, we will be adding a new option for voluntary unpaid pandemic leave of absence for all team members – read more in our FAQs. And our hotel program for caregivers providing direct care to COVID-19 patients will be extended through July.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for work for as many of our team members as possible. To do that, everyone will have to continue to be flexible and be willing to make adjustments. Thank you for your commitment and understanding as we turn the corner to a new situation as the pandemic continues to abate.

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