Recruit A New Team Member, Earn a Bonus through our Referral Program

Updated June 1, 2021

Do you know someone you think would be a great fit for Mission Health? We love referrals from our own team members and hope you consistently share our job opportunities with your network of friends and family.

Some positions are eligible for a bonus through our Team Member Referral Program:

  • Referrals for eligible roles must be made before the candidate applies for a position with Mission Health.
  • In all instances, the referral must successfully complete 90 days in order for the referring team member to receive the bonus award.
  • Must be submitted following the steps outlined below through the Mission Health’s Staff Portal, or you will not be eligible.
  • Half of the bonus is given after the new hire completes 90 days and half after one year of employment.
  • Must be a current employee on North Carolina Mission Health System payroll to participate in the referral bonus program. HR team members and manager and above leaders cannot qualify for a referral bonus.
  • Providers do not qualify for a referral bonus.
  • This bonus does not apply if the applicant is a rehire (within 12 months) for Mission Health. The bonus does not apply if the referred employee currently works for a HCA and will be an HCA transfer to Mission.

To see all active referral bonuses, click here.


Earn Your Referral Bonus – Here’s How:

  • To qualify for the referral bonus you MUST follow these steps, otherwise you will not be eligible.
  • Go to Mission Health’s Staff Portal. There are two ways to access the portal:
  • Once you’ve gotten to the Staff Portal, choose “Internal Career Opportunities/Refer a Friend”
  • From that screen, follow the instructions either to apply for an internal transfer yourself, or choose Refer a Friend and provide information as specified.
  • Once you complete the referral information, you will receive an email acknowledging it has been received; the person you refer will also receive an email confirmation.
  • If that person is selected for a position that qualifies for a referral bonus, you will receive half of that bonus after the new hire successfully completes 90 days of employment. You will receive the other half after he/she has successfully completed one year of employment.
  • Note: This bonus does not apply if the applicant is a rehire  (within 12 months) for Mission Health, and leaders cannot qualify for a referral bonus if the candidate is placed in their own department.

There’s never been a better time to tell your friends and family network about all the great career opportunities that are available to them at Mission Health. Still have questions? Contact HR Direct Connect at or (828) 213-5600.

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