Chat with Colleagues on Jabber – Basic Functions

Once you’ve gotten your account set up on Jabber, manage your account settings, organize your profile/contacts and familiarize yourself with Jabber’s basic functions.

After your first login, you can create contacts, organize contacts by group and adjust your settings to fit your preferences and start chatting.

What are those colored boxes? Once you are logged in to Jabber, you may start noticing little boxes by people’s names as you begin to send them emails in Outlook. Jabber is linked with your Outlook Calendar, which allows you to conveniently see someone’s availability status. This will make it easier for you to know whether or not you can expect an immediate response:

  • Green means someone is Available
  • Orange-yellow means someone is In A Meeting
  • Red means Do Not Disturb
  • Grey means someone is Not Online

It is easy to get in the habit using email every time we need to communicate with someone. If you are anticipating an immediate response from someone and you notice the box by their name is green, this would be a good time to start a Jabber conversation. First, you’ll need to add Contacts to your Cisco Jabber contact list.

Adding and Organizing Jabber Contacts

You can create Contacts and Contact Groups to conveniently search and chat with colleagues.

Creating a Contact

  • From the main Jabber window, enter the name or number of the contact in the search box
  • Hover over the name you wish to add from the list
  • Click the [+] button
  • Add the contact to a group
  • Click ‘Add’

Creating a Contact Group

  • From the main Cisco Jabber window, click ‘File’
  • Select ‘New’
  • Select ‘Group’
  • Enter the group name

How to Add a Contact to a Group

  • From the main Cisco Jabber window, select the ‘Contacts´ tab
  • Right click on the contact you wish to move into a group
  • Select ‘Move to Group’
  • Select the group you wish to move the contact to

Can’t find the employee when you search for them? If you can’t find the employee when you search, it may be because they are in the system under their legal name, which may not be the name they go by. Try searching with just their first or last name. Once you add them to your contact list, you can change their display name by right-clicking on their name and choosing ‘Edit Profile.’

Once you add your contacts, it’s time to start some conversations!

  • From the main Jabber window, double click the name of the person with whom you whom wish to start an instant message conversation
  • A new window will open to start a conversation
  • Type your message in the grey box at the bottom of the window
  • Press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard to send a message

Can I have more than one conversation at a time?

Cisco Jabber makes it easy to have multiple conversations without too many windows open on your computer. Follow the same instructions to start a conversation and a new tab will be added to the left side of the already-open Instant Message window, making it easy to keep up with your conversations.

You can do more than just chat – Jabber also allows you to send files and access a shared view of someone’s desktop.

Send a File during a Conversation

  • Click the paperclip symbol in the bottom right corner of the instant message window
  • Select the file from your computer you want to share and click ‘Open’
  • The file will then load and wait for the receiver to accept it
  • Once the receiver has accepted the file, it will show the file transfer is complete

Share a Desktop during a Conversation

This feature is very convenient for viewing documents with others simultaneously and making changes without having to do all of the back-and-forth you would with emails.

  • Click the square with line and up arrow on the upper right corner of the instant message window
  • They will get an invitation to accept the desktop share
  • To end the desktop share, click the ‘X’ in the upper right-hand corner

After you’ve reviewed a document with the shared desktop feature, you can use the Send a File feature for quick and efficient delivery!

Logging Out of Jabber

Once your work day has come to an end, be sure you log out of Jabber before you click the ‘X’ in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Click the Settings icon on the upper right-hand side
  • Choose ‘File’
  • Click ‘Sign out’

Note: If you are in an area where there are shared computers, it is critical that these steps are followed to end your session in Jabber. If you just click the red ‘X’ in the right corner, your Jabber window will close, but you will not be logged out and the next user will open Jabber logged into your account.

Communication is one of the most powerful tools available to everyone in the workplace – and it’s easier than ever to communicate with each other when you have quick and easy access to the right resources!

Help and Support: Get set up and start Jabber-ing. If you have problems signing into or using Jabber, contact the IT Service Desk at 213-2000 or email

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