Chat with Colleagues on Jabber – Getting Started

Skip the email thread when you can chat with a colleague on Jabber!

Cisco Jabber is a communication platform for quick and easy conversations with your Mission Health colleagues. Whether they’re right next door or across the region, the instant messaging program encourages communication in a conversational manner, letting you know when a colleague is available to chat or away from the computer.

Jabber features will enhance and integrate with other systems over time for phone functionality, video chat and conferencing.

At this time, Jabber allows you to:

  • Chat via instant message with one or multiple persons
  • Customize your profile settings so others can easily chat with you
  • Create Contacts and Contact Groups to easily start conversations with your colleagues
  • Share and send files from your computer to chat recipients during conversations
  • Share a viewed desktop for quick and convenient document reviewing during conversations

Start Chatting – Log in to Jabber

  • From your desktop, click on the Cisco Jabber
  • If prompted to log in, use the following for your username and password:
    • For your username, use your six-letter userid plus
    • For your password, use your employee single sign-on userid.
    • If you experience problems logging in or your login information is not accepted, submit a ticket to

Don’t see Jabber on your desktop?

  • Select the start menu button in the bottom left of your desktop screen
  • In the Search files and programs search bar, type “Cisco Jabber”
  • “Cisco Jabber” should appear in the window pane.
  • Select the application to open it.
  • Make Jabber available on your desktop for next time! To create a shortcut for Jabber on your desktop, once you search Jabber from the start menu, hold down on Cisco Jabber and drag it to your desktop.

Once you’ve gotten your account all set up, learn how to best use Jabber and become familiar with Jabber’s basic functions.

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