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Daisy Awards, August 2017: Honoring Mission Hospital’s Extraordinary Nurses

Congratulations to our Mission Hospital August 2017 Daisy Award Honorees for Extraordinary Nurses!

Sarah Eckenberg, RN, Spine Unit

Nomination from a Patient

“She has the strongest heart I have ever seen in an RN or a doctor. She cares for the people she takes care of; she gives them what they need (meds and so on), and she gives all her heart without having to be asked. She helped me more than any doctor I have ever seen in my entire life. She is the very best, she is way better than a DAISY. She is super smart and has the biggest heart I have ever seen.”

“Sarah was constantly checking up on me. If I needed anything, she would retrieve whatever was requested as long as it was hospital approved. Nurse Sarah was always polite, friendly and considerate to me and very helpful. She would be an asset to any company, and I hope that she will maintain employment here at Mission Hospital for a long time. I was very pleased with her job performance. You have an angel in Sarah and I wish that you can see the angel within her also. Thank you for supplying such a compassionate and caring nurse to take care of me and other patients within Mission Hospital.”

Cindy Hansen, RN, Maternal Fetal Medicine Unit

Nomination from a Patient

“I was terrified about my health and the health of my unborn child.  The goal was to get me to 34 weeks until I could deliver, which would be 15 days. Cindy was one of the nurses who took care of me. I loved all of them, and they all took excellent care of me, but Cindy was always special. She made the days fun. She would talk to me like a friend instead of just one of her patients. She made me and my husband feel so much better about being here for 15 days even sharing Christmas with the staff.

Cindy explained to me what my care plan was for the day and was very thorough. Thankfully, I made it to 34 weeks. After my C-section, Cindy helped me with ambulating and encouraged me. She was always on time with my pain meds and kept me at my pain target goal. As a Mission employee as well, I was so proud to be a part of such a wonderful health care system and witnessed firsthand how awesome our nurses are! I cannot thank the maternal fetal unit enough for my excellent care.”

Bruce Lynn, BSN, RN, Cardiology ICU

Nomination from a Patient

“Bruce was the perfect example of bedside mannerisms and maintaining a personal engagement level. He went above and beyond in controlling my pain management, explaining everything he was doing and answering questions along the way, always responding quickly to address my issues. When I was finally able to eat, he was able to find some food even outside of normal hours. Bruce was just an outstanding example of why Mission Hospital has the most positive experience numbers I know of for any hospital. I must say that ALL of the staff members have been wonderful, but Bruce was above and beyond in his position as nurse caretaker by putting a personal touch to outstanding professional care.”



Alan Sessoms, BSN, RN, PCCN, Nursing Unit Supervisor, Medical Cardiology Stepdown

Nomination from a Team Member

“Every night I watch how Alan interacts with patients, families, and staff in such a professional, personal manner. He ALWAYS takes the time to ensure staff have everything they need to do their job, and if they have any issues that need to be addressed. I see him doing this for other units as well. I watched staff from other units come to him with questions and he is always willing to help, while making every effort to find the correct answer or get them the resources they need.

Alan always displays empathy and demonstrates a caring attitude. Every time a patient has a request, Alan will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Alan demonstrates a great deal of passion in regards to each patient experience. He leads our unit’s Patient Experience Team meetings monthly and consistently seeks opportunities for improvement, while igniting engagement among the staff. He makes sure each room is set up in the most therapeutic possible way to ensure each patient has a healing environment. Thank you!  ”

Stephen Weeks, RN, Interventional Spine

Nomination from a Family Member

“Stephen is a friendly, competent and compassionate nurse. He is meticulous with sterile procedures: he always washed his hands, wore sterile gloves and sterilized. He wore the sash to signify he was administering drugs; he completed each task in an orderly manner and remained focused on the task at hand. He always explained what medicines he was administering and what procedures he was conducting. When a new antibiotic was administered, he carefully watched for an adverse reaction. He checked in often to check for level of pain and comfort or anything that my family member needed. We always felt informed about the nursing care. When my family member had trouble urinating, Stephen suggested solutions and monitored the situation carefully. His professional demeanor did not diminish his compassionate and friendly communication. He seemed to have good rapport with his co-workers.”

A big WooHoo! and congratulations to all of our extraordinary nurses!

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