Pharmacy Technician has a Great Catch

Each month we highlight an educational opportunity where a potential problem was caught or solved before it was a safety issue – what we like to call a Great Catch.

Great catch Abby Nolan! Abby is a pharmacy technician at Mission Hospital.

What was achieved?

A change was made in the concentration of Atropine in the Pyxis machine in an ICU. Pharmacy was able to call the RN and make her aware of the new, more concentrated dosage form.

What was the Great Catch?

The technician noticed and questioned a change in concentration of an emergency drug. It was discovered that the Code Blue sheets in Cerner had not been updated yet to reflect this new concentration.

What made this a Great Catch?

This event shows attention to detail, a high index of suspicion and thorough follow up.

How can I report my Great Catch or other events?

Any team member can use RL Solutions to report any safety event. Access RL Solutions either by clicking the icon from your Mission Health desktop or from Citrix Applications. Once in RL Solutions, Pick the report that most fits your near miss or event. For more information, visit our MOD page.

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