Blue Ridge Regional Hospital Celebrates Application to be a Pathway®-Designated Hospital

Blue Ridge Regional Hospital celebrated its application to be a Pathway®-designated hospital on Wednesday, April 18. The Pathway to Excellence Program® recognizes healthcare organizations that achieve and maintain a healthy workplace for professional nurses.

Pathway to Excellence® standards range from nurse satisfaction and engagement to patient satisfaction including: involvement in leading quality and safety efforts, creating a team environment and advocating for health. Blue Ridge Regional Hospital nurses are submitting evidence of achievement of the high standards associated with designation as a Pathways to Excellence organization.

“Creating and sustaining a positive nursing practice environment is critical to providing the highest quality of care for patients and families. The Pathway to Excellence® program allows the Blue Ridge Regional Hospital nurses to demonstrate publicly the outstanding level of professionalism in the organization,” said Blue Ridge Regional Hospital Chief Nursing Officer Becky Carter. “Using professional governance, they will participate in developing, implementing and recognizing programs and initiatives that advance nursing standards and practice.”

The American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Pathway to Excellence Program® provides a framework for creating an ideal work environment and ensures an ongoing focus on creating and sustaining excellence. Pathway organizations foster supportive leadership, collaboration, nurse professional development and an effective work-life balance.

At the celebration, Teressa  Neill, Manager of Clinical Operations for Blue Ridge Regional Hospital, said: “We are excited to pursue the Pathway to Excellence® program because it will help highlight the nursing team that we have at Blue Ridge Regional Hospital. It will also help provide the recognition and encouragement for the incredible work our team completes for the community on a daily basis.”

The Pathway® standards are considered to be the foundation of positive practice environments and are continually assessed by the Commission on Pathway to Excellence® to ensure their continued applicability. Recently, the focus of these standards was expanded to include addressing nurses’ role in promoting a culture of health and community partnerships to improve population health.

“The ANCC Pathway® designation underscores our commitment to our team members and our patients by focusing on the nursing environment and the care they provide,” said Kathleen Culhane Guyette, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services and President of Regional Member Hospitals, Mission Health.  “Pathway® facilities attract and retain top talent and improve patient care, safety and satisfaction.”

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