Angel Medical Center Extraordinary Nurses – DAISY Awards, May 2018

During Nurses Week, Mission Health recognized our extraordinary nurses across our region by honoring them with a DAISY Award. Congratulations to Angel Medical Center’s honorees for the 2018 DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses!

Christy Vinson-Griffin, RN, Cancer Care

Nomination from a team member

“In my 43 years as an RN, I have not met a more dedicated nurse than Christy. I was surprised that although two patients at the same time had nominated Christy for the Daisy Award, she did not win at that time. Along with her first rate nursing skills and nursing care, she supports her patient’s emotional and mental well-being by her actions and her words. I have gotten used to my patients asking me, ‘where is Christy today’, as I have found she has made a deep connection with those I take care of for her, when she has a day off. Christy remembers the names of her patients’ family members, friends, pets and their interest and hobbies. She takes a personal interest in their life outside of the Outpatient Infusion Department. Here are a few examples of the many things I have witnessed working with Christy for the past 3 years.

Christy knew that Arthur, a 90 year old patient who had recently lost his wife, was lonely. So, she made a date with him and took him out to dinner on her own time. Another of our patients, a retired RN named Pat, was anxious after finishing treatment and Christy met her outside of work to allay her fears. The entire staff got a thank you card from one of our patients for the care we gave to her, but on this card, Gayle wrote, ‘Christy, you’re my special angel. Now we can hug and kiss and shed our tears.’ They had definitely formed a connection. Our very own former Foundation Director was so impressed by Christy’s care, that he bought a brick honoring her that is now a part of our sidewalk out in front of our building. My words can only convey to you what our patients benefit day in and day out from the exemplary care and caring that Christy gives to them on a daily basis.”

Duane McHan, RN, Emergency Department

Duane is Mission Health’s first-ever nursing leader to be receive a DAISY Award. 

Nomination from a team member

“I would like to nominate Duane McHan for the Daisy Nurse Leader Award.  Duane accepted the role as the manager of the Emergency Department around three months ago.  It is amazing to me that it has only been three months because he is a natural in this role.  He has a leadership presence about him, always trying to improve situations, never shying away from patient or physician concerns.  He jumps in with both feet and will do everything he can to get to the root cause and fix the problem.

In the beginning he was doing two jobs, his new position and covering his scheduled times as an RN in the ED.  Never once did he make a comment about the number of shifts he covered or the extended hours he was working.  When I would reach out to Duane about a concern that was entered into RL, he had already heard about it and had started his thorough investigation.  Not everybody loves data, and I have to believe that I did see a twinkle in his eyes when we started to create scorecards for his area.  He is very eager to learn and will never say I don’t have time to assist you.  He is the first one to raise his hand when you need help.  I feel very fortunate to have someone our team like Duane.”

A big WooHoo! and congratulations to all of our extraordinary nurses!

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