Blue Ridge Regional Hospital’s Extraordinary Nurse – DAISY Award 2018

During Nurses Week, Mission Health recognized our extraordinary nurses across our region by honoring them with a DAISY Award. Congratulations to Blue Ridge Regional Hospital’s honoree for the 2018 DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses!

Janet Street, RN, BSN, Team Leader, Cancer Care

Nomination from a team member

“In her role in Cancer Care, Janet has the unique opportunity to care for these special patients on a regular basis. Some of them, for many years. She takes the time to get to know them on such a personal level — down to what they like for breakfast! Many mornings she brings breakfast in for these patients AND their families. She does this out of the goodness of her heart and her own pocket because she truly cares for them.

In the specialized setting of Cancer Care, Janet daily manages many patients and their individualized treatments at once. She is constantly interpreting her patient’s lab values and works alongside the care providers in implementing the next step in their care. She networks between departments in making sure that the workflow goes smoothly so that her patients receive excellent care.

Janet’s clinical skills are above reproach. Her knowledge of the specialized drugs they use in Cancer Care, and the confidence she has in handling them, reassures patients and their families as they are administered. Managing several patients and their infusions at once can be very stressful, but Janet advocates for her patients in a professional manner to make sure they receive their treatment in a safe and timely manner.

It takes a special person to work in the specialized are of Cancer Care. Janet has been here for several years — this can take a toll on even the most seasoned of nurses. We are blessed to have her here at BRRH providing excellent care for these very special patients and their families.”

A big WooHoo! and congratulations to Janet and all of our extraordinary nurses!

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