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Mission Hospital Extraordinary Nurses – DAISY Award Honorees (Jan.-May 2018)

During Nurses Week, Mission Health recognized our extraordinary nurses across our region by honoring them with a DAISY Award. Congratulations to our recent honorees at Mission Hospital who have received the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses this year.

January 2018

Cara Bryant, RN-BC, Renal Medicine

Nomination from a family member

“My grandmother had been in and out of the hospital for three weeks. She’s been admitted before, and this time in particular was absolutely the most pleasant. She had an exceptional nurse by the name of Cara Bryant. She has gone above and beyond to be understanding, compassionate, knowledgeable, patient and all around loving to my grandmother and all of our family members!

While there were many examples, there was one that stuck out most. After my grandmother returned from having a procedure, boy, was she angry and in pain! Cara immediately jumped in, soothed her and gave her medicine and reassurance. I really thank her; she’s so wonderful. I will always be grateful that she took care of my grandmother.”



Jeff Grant, BSN, RN, Orthopedics

Nomination from a family member

“My 18 year old son had horrible orthopedic traumas from a motor vehicle accident. He was in pain, frustrated and scared. Jeff never failed to give professional, compassionate, personalized care. He spoke to my son like the young adult he is, while still allowing me to be a “mom.” Although he was constantly busy with the care of all of his patients, we never felt that we were an inconvenience or that he was rushed in our care.

I am an RN, and Jeff spoke with me as a peer, allowed me to participate in my son’s care when needed and appropriate. He was already thinking ahead and had looked at lab values when I became concerned about rhabdomyolysis and allowed me to bounce concerns off of him without making me feel like a “worry wart” or “know it all”. His communication with my son left him feeling like the young adult he is and a part of his care, and that he was heard and appropriate care was delivered. I cannot thank Jeff enough for his OUTSTANDING care!”

March 2018

Phil Piserchia, BA, RN, Pulmonary Medicine Progressive Care and Critical Care Unit

Nomination from a family member

“Phil never once left the room without asking if I needed anything. He stayed and explained medications and procedures. He can take a joke and was always smiling and light-hearted.

He thanked me warmly for staying to help care for my sister-in-law. He expressed genuine concern for her and always went out of his way to give her comfort such as ice packs, medications and discussing side effects, and giving dietary advice when her sugar was out of control.

He handled challenging situations in neighboring rooms with grace. He never let those highly stressful behaviors enter my sister-in-law’s room. He apologized for the noise and closed the door. He is a credit to his profession.”


Carla Smith, BSN, RN, Cardiovascular Progressive Care

Nomination from a family member


“Carla was very knowledgeable as well as caring. She anticipated my family member’s needs, as well as provided post-operative care to every detail. She talked with him socially (but not too much), as well as informing him of everything she was doing.

Day 3, he was very sleepy, she did an exam, including a neuro assessment, asked his pain level and decided pain medication was not an option! I thought a very wise decision. He slept most of the day, which was much needed. The next day, he was doing so well. She was with him for two very important days. Thanks schedulers!

Thank you to all of the staff who worked with him.”


May 2018

Liz Gregory, MSN, RN, CMSRN, Women’s Surgical

Nomination from a patient

“Liz has been a wonderful nurse. She has really been a joy to have.

She most definitely established a special connection with my family and me through trust and emotional support. If something was wrong and she could tell, she would ask me and ask if I needed to talk about it.

She demonstrated professionalism in the work environment, communicated clearly, demonstrated excellent clinical and critical thinking skills, focused on meeting both my family’s and my goals, and has gone above and beyond to make sure I had the best experience possible!”




Alana Waters, RN, Medical Surgical ICU

Nomination from a family member

“A few weeks ago, we went through the incredible loss of my dad. Alana will always hold a special place in our family’s heart. Alana was my dad’s weekend night nurse. Not only did she provide amazing care to my dad, she also brought my family peace and comfort on one the worst nights of our lives.

Alana walked into her shift in the midst of chaos. She wasn’t supposed to be there that night. She came back in to work another night with my dad. She came back, I believe, to be used by God to be a source of comfort in an overwhelmingly scary situation. Alana finally convinced my mom and me to just go eat and afterwards we would come back and evaluate the situation. After what was arguably the hardest meal of my life, we returned to discover that Alana was able to calm my dad down and get his O2 levels to return to the high 90s. Alana encouraged us to go home and rest, assuring us that she would call should something changed. We were able to find some peace that night, because we knew that she was not only taking care of my dad, but us too.

Alana didn’t have to be there, Alana could have succumbed to the chaos but, Alana chose to be there and to be hopeful (but realistic), to be a source of peace and strength, and to be someone that we could trust when it felt like our world was falling apart.

Ultimately, my dad didn’t make it. Though we are grieving, we felt we had to nominate Alana for the DAISY Award because she embodies all that an incredible nurse should be. Alana’s sweet spirit was contagious.”

A big WooHoo! and congratulations to all of our extraordinary nurses!

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