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DAISY Awards – August 2018: Honoring Mission Hospital’s Extraordinary Nurses

Join us in congratulating our most recent Mission Hospital quarterly DAISY Award Honorees for Extraordinary Nurses!

Tammy Kent, BSN, RN

Pulmonary Medicine Progressive Care

Nomination from a staff member

Tammy was taking care of a particular patient who needed assistance with all activities of daily living. This patient had two daughters who were helping care for their mother. They would help with whatever needed to be done, including toileting, feeding, turning and assisting the staff, if needed. Tammy went into the room and found the daughters counting change to see if they had enough money to get themselves a soft drink. Tammy bought soft drinks for those family members and made sure they had something to eat.

She came out to the desk and told me about the family trying to find enough money to buy a soft drink, how she felt bad for them and what she had done. She wasn’t bragging or trying to get attention for herself; this is just the way she is.

She has built up a tough exterior, like most seasoned nurses, to protect herself, but deep down, she has a heart of gold. She truly cares about her patients and would do anything for them. She is very giving, compassionate and humble. She hates to see anyone hurt or suffer in any way. I have had the privilege of watching Tammy grow from a novice to expert RN. There aren’t many nurses who I can say I feel they have a true calling to the profession, but I can say that Tammy is one of them. She gives unconditionally to her patients without any thought of recognition. She does what she does because she is a caring person and enjoys giving to others. I am very proud to call her my colleague and friend.


Terri Worley, RN                                                                                                           

Women’s Surgical Unit

Nomination #1 from a patient

When I had surgery, Ms. Worley was my nurse for the majority of the time I was there. I have never had such a caring, competent and attentive nurse. I have had three other surgeries at Mission, and my experiences with the nursing staff has been wonderful, yet Terri went above and beyond her obligations to me, as a patient. She knew that I did not have a family member throughout my stay visiting or checking on me, and she went out of her way to make sure that I felt comfortable, cared for and, most importantly, cared “about.”

Ms. Worley came into my room often and would ask how I was doing, bring me something to eat or drink, and would even tidy up my room and tray. I am queasy about any medical procedures and do not want too much information. Ms. Worley was very considerate of my feelings and gave me just enough information, in laymen’s terms, to prepare me for what she was about to do and yet not make me anxious. She did a wonderful job easing my fears.

Ms. Worley showed an enormous amount of empathy and I greatly appreciated that. It meant a lot to me that she would take the time to make me as comfortable as possible. At one point, when she was in my room, I asked her how long she had been a nurse, when Ms. Worley told me 8 months, I was very surprised! Based on her level of competency and efficiency, I would have thought it was at least a decade! I thought her story, as to when, how and why she got her nursing degree, was very impressive and is an accomplishment anyone could be proud of. I am nominating Ms. Worley for the DAISY Award because she was, and is, an EXTRAORDINARY nurse.

Nomination #2 from a family member

She went all out to be so good to my mom and me. She was so caring, kind and also very professional. We just loved her. She is an honor to Mission Hospital. I sure hope you all are as proud to have her on staff as we were to have her as my mom’s nurse!

Nomination #3 from a patient

Terri did a phenomenal job taking care of me! Words cannot describe what an amazing nurse Terri is. She comforted me during one of the hardest times in my life. I will cherish the kindness and care she provided me. Thank you!

A big WooHoo! and congratulations to all of our extraordinary nurses!


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