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DAISY Awards – September 2018: Honoring Mission Hospital’s Extraordinary Nurses

Join us in congratulating our most recent Mission Hospital quarterly DAISY Award Honorees for Extraordinary Nurses!

Laura Long, BSN, RN, CCM

Care Management

Nomination from a staff member

It is with great honor and enthusiasm that I nominate Laura Long for the DAISY Award. As a Care Manager, she is committed to delivering the highest standards of professional nursing practice by making the ordinary, extraordinary each and every day with every encounter and with every patient and family. Laura portrays a high level of confidence by demonstrating excellent clinical knowledge, critical thinking skills and relational proficiency.

She works relentlessly with challenging patients and their families in chaotic situations, with confidence and a high level of respect. Laura is able to listen, respect and act upon what she can learn from the patient and families. She is able to be present in their distresses, respect and appreciate, and learn something from their responses. Laura is compassionate and dedicated to her work and exemplifies this through her daily communication with patients and families–meeting them where they are–working with what they have and can offer–with a focus on helping them move to the next level of care and with the safest discharge plan to help them achieve their goals. Her efforts help provide, connect and link patients to available resources through her confident transitional plans and caring farewells. She goes above and beyond in most situations.

For example, a patient was ready for discharge from the hospital and was unable to afford his copay. Through her acts of kindness, she paid for his copay in order to prevent a readmission, and assisted the patient in getting well. Laura is truly patient centered and focused on being a patient/family advocate. Laura not only works well with her customers, but also with the staff at Mission Hospital. Laura is routinely recognized for her daily commitment and outstanding attributes that makes Mission a Great Place to Work and Practice.

Laura is performance driven and continues to work daily on improving performance metrics. She has raised her HCAHPS scores portraying her efforts to provide the patient and family with a better experience. Laura is always flexible and adaptable. Please consider Laura Long for the next DAISY Award as she truly deserves to be recognized for her commitment to her patients/families, department and Mission Hospital.

I have already placed one nomination for this staff member due to her high level of work at Mission Hospital. With this submission, I would like to add an example of a patient interaction that proves her excellence as a nurse and as a nurse Case Manager. The patient I will refer to throughout this letter was a gunshot wound victim at an early age, which left him paralyzed and ventilator dependent.

Since this event in the patient’s life, his mother has arranged care for him and worked to meet his basic needs with such devotion and love for her child. With each readmission, the discharge resources available continued to lessen–limiting the patient’s ability to meet future goals. Laura with great skill and compassion entered the room of a vulnerable young adult to begin a very difficult conversation regarding discharge plans. In the past, all decisions regarding his care were deferred to his mother. Laura approached the patient as a young competent adult with the ability to decide upon his future and what he would like to do moving forward as the resources have become very limited.

Permission was obtained to speak to both the patient and the mother together. Laura spoke to the patient and mother with great empathy while delivering a difficult message to the patient and his mother–the message of the limited resources and the possibility the patient may have to discharge to a new environment. She provided comfort to the patient and the mother. The way the information/message was delivered reveals how Laura is truly patient centered by establishing special connections with her patients and families through trust and emotional support. Laura’s main purpose for this meeting was to develop further rapport with this patient and his mother. Laura was able to communicate effectively and demonstrated a high level of professionalism. She deserves the DAISY Award.


Trish Wolfe, RN

Cardiovascular Progressive Care

Nomination No. 1 from a patient

Trish has great compassion for her patients and gives them the utmost care and attention. She is an asset to the hospital and has a wonderful personality. She comes to work every day with a wonderful attitude and shares this with her co-workers and patients. I can’t say enough good words about Trish, she has motivation and strength as a person and it has truly been a pleasure to have her as a great nurse.               

All of her co-workers respect and care for her deeply. If there’s anyone I have ever met in the health profession that deserves this award it is Trish. She is always there for her patient’s needs and has always gone beyond the call of duty. She is always there before her shift begins and gives a great briefing to all the other nurses.

God bless her, she is truly a blessed, caring caregiver, meaning she really cares for everyone and her patients. In every instance I needed care she was always there with a wonderful attitude.

Nomination No. 2 from a patient

Trish is an outstanding nurse, compassionate and loyal. She always responded promptly and never was anything but professional and caring. Her dedication to her work was unsurpassed. I feel fortunate to have been cared for by her. Trish was always very inspired and motivated in everything she did to help me and others. Trish was never not there when I needed her. I found her dedication and caring nature extraordinary.

Once when I was in pain, she responded immediately and was so compassionate. Also, her listening was very focused to my needs and she was amazing. She is a great asset to Mission and an amazing nurse. Please give her the utmost consideration for this award. Trish is an outstanding role model for all your nurses.

A big WooHoo! and congratulations to all of our extraordinary nurses!


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