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Honoring Mission Hospital’s Extraordinary Nurses: DAISY Award – November 2018

Mission Health recognizes our extraordinary nurses across our region by honoring them with a DAISY Award. Congratulations to the most recent quarterly honorees from Mission Hospital.

Cassidy McFadden, BSN, RN
8 North – General Medicine

Nomination No. 1 from a patient

Cassidy was my wife, Donna’s, nurse two weeks prior to my own hospital admission. Donna spoke so highly of the care she got from Cassidy, which pleased me because I was out of town. Not until I was admitted myself did the reality of Donna’s words hit me.

Cassidy is a true healthcare professional. She demonstrates the compassion and support that you want and need at a time of illness. She was knowledgeable about my care, medicine and recovery. She explained things to me and always let me know what she was doing. When she was with me, I was treated as if I was the only patient.

She was precious to my wife who was recovering from her illness, and she covered every need I had. If all nurses were like Cassidy, the healthcare field would be perfect!

Nomination No. 2 from a patient

When you know your stay is not over but your favorite nurse is not working, what do you do? I cried! If I had to describe Cassidy, I’d never find the perfect word, but precious comes closest. Her compassion is above; she was very personable, yet held on to professionalism. With my family out of town, I was alone a lot and she became my friend. In the limited time she was in my room, she cared for my needs and reassured me on my condition.

Due to my very high fevers, my linens and gown had to be changed every two hours or so, and Cassidy never hesitated to do this. Her calm mannerism and delightful wit creates a relaxing stay for those lucky enough to be her patient.

As I said earlier, Cassidy is precious, and like a fine gem, should be cherished. How lucky as a patient are we that Mission has a first-class employee, Cassidy McFadden.

Nomination No. 3 from a family member

My grandmother has been in the hospital for several days. She’s on a feeding tube and has pneumonia. I would like you to know that Cassidy is an exceptional nurse! She took wonderful care of Maw Maw on the night of her extraordinarily difficult admission day. Cassidy asked about our goals and was incredibly reassuring and sensitive to Maw Maw’s needs.

As a full-time caregiver, I was very reluctant to leave my grandmother overnight. Cassidy told me that she would be working for three nights, and I immediately felt better. My former husband is a physician, and I have had many hospitalizations myself for various reasons, so I’ve met a great many nurses.

Cassidy is a wonderful nurse! Not only is she a very knowledgeable nurse, but she’s such a sweet person. At some point, I hope she gets a raise and promotion! There’s nothing as great as a great nurse!

Brett Bradley, BSN, RN

Nomination No. 1 from a patient

I would like to nominate Brett Bradley for the DAISY Award. I have been under Mr. Bradley’s excellent care for one week now. His display of compassion, knowledge and a positive bedside manner have been very helpful during my recovery.

Mr. Bradley went well above and beyond during everyday care, such as being kind, polite, concerned, promptly arriving when called, listening to my feedback and brainstorming for the best remedy. He shows actual concern for his patient, is gentle, treats me with respect and on every shift, Mr. Bradley always goes the extra mile to make sure I am getting the best possible care.

I have been a patient many times here along with many family members. Mr. Bradley has been one of the very best nurses I have had the pleasure to have. There are few people that are lucky enough to find the right “job fit.” I feel Mr. Bradley has been extremely lucky to have found his, as a nurse. He truly matched his calling.

I also feel his patient-centered care, service excellence and extreme knowledge of clinical expertise makes Brett Bradley an apparent superb nomination for the DAISY Award.

Nomination No. 2 from a patient

I entered Mission Hospital for surgery. Full of apprehension. I was unsure of what to expect. After surgery, I was rolled into the nursing unit for recovery and Brett met me. Immediately, he devoted himself to my care. Brett made sure to provide me with all of the necessities I needed.

He helped me with my incision, making sure that it was properly cleaned and bandaged. He also aided me in turning routinely in the bed so I would be more relaxed. When my catheter became uncomfortable, he checked and adjusted it without hesitation. I have always been very modest; Brett was reassuring and kept a friendly, professional bedside manner. He even refilled my ice chips and provided me with sodas as needed with a smile.

Brett is extremely deserving of this award. He is a kind and caring soul who was created for this job. I will always be thankful that I was in his care.

Nomination No. 3 from a family member

I would like to nominate Brett for an award. He was fantastic. My dad had to have surgery, and I was really grateful for the care that Brett provided. He would always joke with my dad and make him laugh. He always came in with a smile on his face. He always asked how my dad was doing and whenever he left the room he would always say, ‘Thanks you guys’ to my mom and me. He was always patient. My dad asked him how he could get a cup of coffee, and Brett went and found some. I’m sure that wasn’t part of his job. When my mom and I couldn’t figure out how to work something, he would always come in and show us. Brett was great, and you can tell he really loves his job. It’s very rare to meet someone so pleasant and happy.

A big WooHoo! and congratulations to all of our extraordinary nurses!


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