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Transylvania Regional Hospital Extraordinary Nurses – DAISY Awards 2018

Mission Health recognizes our extraordinary nurses across our region by honoring them with a DAISY Award. Congratulations to the most recent quarterly honorees from Transylvania Regional Hospital.

Karen Dewitte, BSN, RN
Brevard Cancer and Infusion Center

Nomination from a team member

I would like to nominate Karen DeWitte, BSN, RN, for the spring DAISY Award. Karen is a breath of fresh air like the springtime! In a field where trust is not readily given and can be difficult to achieve with family/patients, Karen waltzes in and steals their hearts immediately. Numerous patients have come to me on a regular basis throughout this past year to thank me for being selective in the hiring process and in finding Karen. She has a humble confidence patients appreciate. Karen is a strong patient advocate and quickly responds to patient needs. She takes the time to actively listen to families/patients and does the little things like offering snacks, warm blankets and calling family members to report on the patient’s condition when requested by the patient. The little things can make a BIG difference to patients. Karen has a strong desire to learn and has cross-trained to cover multiple positions within her team. Karen consistently motivates the team to do more and rise higher. They have given her a nickname of “Karen the Great!” She asks every family, patient and coworker daily, “What else can I do for you?” Karen seeks out ways to improve and do more for others. Going the extra mile comes natural to her, all while wearing a smile and her positivism is contagious. Providers appreciate her ability, attention to detail and dedication to their patients. There are many qualities of an excellent RN, such as compassion, dedication, initiative, integrity, loyalty, trust, professionalism, knowledge and teamwork to name a few. But what makes Karen “StandOut” is she consistently works in her strengths and possesses them all! She raises the bar for her co-workers and motivates us all to be better than we think we can be. To quote a recent WooHoo! from one of her peers, “Karen the Great is always flexible and positive! We appreciate her!” I imagine what won Patrick Barnes heart was a compassionate, knowledgeable RN that consistently went the extra mile to keep him comfortable, listen and manage his care. One who would take the extra minute to pull up a chair, laugh and cry with him. An RN just like Karen DeWitte. Submitted on behalf of myself, her patients and the whole BCIC team!

Janet Allen, RN
Outpatient Nursing

Nomination from a team member

I had an arthroscopic knee surgery Monday, Oct. 15. From the medical staff all through the process, I received top-class treatment. It was not a surprise to me because some three years ago I had a hip replacement there. However, I would like to mention specifically Nurse Janet who looked after me prior to and after the surgery. She explained everything she did clearly and fully as the process evolved in a friendly, easy way. Being a previous patient it was not a surprise, but I did think how a patient going through surgery for the first time would feel so at ease with Nurse Janet looking after them. A top-class nurse – thanks Nurse Janet.

A big WooHoo! and congratulations to all of our extraordinary nurses!


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