Introducing Mission: You – Renewing Our Commitment of Caring for Western North Carolina

By Ferriss Roberts

I sat with Stephen Zubrod, Mission Health’s vice president of system marketing and communications, earlier this week to learn about Mission Health’s new brand campaign. By the end of our conversation, we were talking about the impact humans can have on one another – not just in our work, but in our lives. He was telling me a story about someone he knows who started volunteering at a local organization as a way to connect to our community, and has helped a young girl learn to read in just a few months – something that seems small but will have a lasting impact on that girl’s life.

As he was telling me this story, I recognized that’s the same kind of story we want our neighbors, families and friends here in western North Carolina to tell about Mission Health: the impact we have on the people of western North Carolina.

And that’s what Mission Health’s new brand campaign is all about.

Introducing Mission: You.

Mission Health has established a strong reputation for quality. But in healthcare, compassion is another essential part of the equation. “How friendly were the staff?” “How caring were your nurses?” These are the kinds of questions we ask our patients on experience surveys after they receive care here.

We know from research and our own understanding of humanity that people respond to and connect with kindness and compassion, and our patient experience scores are consistently high in these areas.

But up until now, that same awareness hasn’t been evident in the consumer research we’ve done. Our research tells us that most people in western North Carolina are aware of Mission Health. They know we provide superior care. They know we’ve been one of the best hospitals in North Carolina and the nation year after year. But they don’t always seem to be aware of just how much we care.

Our new brand campaign, Mission: You, brings to the forefront Mission Health’s 133-year mission, to improve the health of the people of western North Carolina.

The best care with the most care

The campaign’s theme, “The best care with the most care,” reinforces Mission Health’s strong position on quality care, while also telling the rest of the story. It focuses on the elements of caring and humanity that complete the picture. “We’re filling that void and telling the human side of our story,” Stephen explains. “It’s about caring for every human being with every fiber of our being,” he said.

Saying we truly care matters, but when our patients feel it – that matters more.

We know how much you – our team members – across all of our locations, whether at the bedside or behind the scenes, care for our community. You improve lives one patient and one person at a time, and your impact on our community is simply remarkable.

Mission: You puts the focus firmly on our commitment to compassion and caring which, when paired with the highest quality of clinical care, supports the pursuit of true wellness in all of its dimensions.

On March 1, Mission Health’s new brand campaign will launch across digital and print channels. You will begin to see our story being told through advertising in bold colors, with words and messages that instill hope, inspiration and empathy to those in our community who rely on us during the most vulnerable and memorable moments of their lives.

Mission Health’s history and heart are grounded in caring and compassion. More than 130 years from our beginning, we’re still writing new chapters, renewing our commitment to care for this community day in and day out. We invite you to share the full story of Mission Health with your friends and family, and we hope this new campaign will help you do just that.

Click here to watch one of the campaign videos


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