“Our Biggest Challenge Also Became Our Biggest Reward” – Angel Medical Center Submits Final Documentation on Pathway to Excellence Journey

On March 28, nursing leadership at Angel Medical Center officially submitted documentation supporting their application to become a Pathway to Excellence-designated hospital. The American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Pathway to Excellence® program recognizes healthcare organizations that have the essential elements of an ideal nursing practice environment. To earn Pathway designation, an organization must demonstrate that it has integrated six practice standards into its operating policies, procedures and management structure.

“This journey is important to us because we view this designation as a symbolic commitment to the community we serve,” said Karen Gorby, Angel Medical Center Chief Executive Officer and Chief Nursing Officer.

Angel Medical Center’s biggest challenge when gathering their documentation was unexpected. While gathering stories from team members, leaders realized the power behind each story and the commonality among the stories became “it’s what I do.” It was difficult to narrow down the extraordinary stories of exceptional patient care.

“Our biggest challenge also became our biggest reward,” said Timothy Layman, Angel Medical Center Administrative Manager of Clinical Operations. “The completed document felt like a letter filled with extraordinary stories of selflessness and commitment to each other, our patients and the community we serve.”


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