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Mission Health Honors DAISY Award Recipients (January-May 2019)

Eight nursing professionals across Mission Health were recently honored with The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses for their compassionate care and superhuman efforts. Please join us in congratulating these outstanding individuals!

Grace Kim, BSN, RN, PCCN
ICU and Medical-Surgical – Angel Medical Center

Grace KimNomination from colleague

Grace deserves to win this award because she is the best kind of leader – she is a servant leader. As Med/Surg Team leader, she is constantly finding new ways to take care of her crew. She is always the first to arrive on shift, the last to leave and consistently the last to take a lunch break. She tries to ensure her crew for the day are enabled to do their best in order to take superb care of our AMC patients.

Grace also participates in Professional Governance and Pathways to Excellence in order to find new opportunities to care for her team and also celebrate the wins her team has participated in. Grace gets excited to learn new things and spreads that excitement with everyone around her. It is impossible to have a bad day when she is around. Positivity emanates from her and we all are better for it.

Heather Wiseman, RN
ICU – Angel Medical Center

Heather WisemanNomination from patient

In the month prior to my father’s recent passing away, he had three trips to AMC, two of which resulted in lengthy stays, and the last of which was an almost two-week stay in ICUs before being taken home under Hospice care. During those stays at least one of the family would stay with Dad nearly 24/7. So, during that time we received care from numerous nurses, all of which provided great care, but for me, Heather sticks out amongst them. Her level of compassionate care went beyond the professional standard level of care, to an exceptional level.

For example, my mother relays the story that one night when she stayed overnight with Dad, Heather could tell Mom was exhausted but also didn’t want to leave Dad’s side, because he was being particularly restless. So Heather brought her work computer into the room so she could do her charting next to Dad’s bedside and told Mom to lay down in the recliner chair and get some rest, she even used her personal cell phone and turned on soothing white noise to help Mom get a little rest.

One night when I stayed overnight with Dad, well into his almost two-week stay, Heather came in and gently told me in a little more detail what was going on with Dad’s body—it was shutting down. It was news that I expected to hear at some point and Heather did it in such a way that you could tell she cared. In fact, she related it to what she had just experienced in the recent passing of her Grandfather. She told me how my Dad reminded her of her Grandfather and I believe she cared for Dad as well as if it were her own Dad or Grandfather. Throughout the several shifts that Heather took care of Dad, she continuously demonstrated professionalism and excellence in her care for Dad, how she worked together with other nurses and staff, her nursing skills, and how she connected with myself and the rest of my family.

Heather was a blessing to my family and we were honored to have her care for my Dad.

Beth Hughes, BSN, RN
Cancer Care – Blue Ridge Regional Hospital

Beth HughesNomination from a patient

All of the Blue Ridge Canter Care nurses take good care of me, but Beth took me under her wing early. She has come to know my condition so well that she easily predicts what clinical care I will need and ensures that it takes place smoothly. Communication between the many departments who treat me can get snarled, but she clarifies it all with grace and professionalism. No clinical visit or day ends with anything left unresolved. Many times she has gone above and beyond to see to it that all is right for me. And, she’s just the most naturally pleasant person you could ever hope to meet!


Lacey Killian, BSN, RN
Acute/Medical-Surgical Unit – Highlands-Cashiers Hospital

Lacey KillianNomination No. 1 from a team member

I witnessed Lacey Killian, RN, taking care of a dying patient in her last three nights of life. She kept her comfortable by medication and repositioning as frequently as was needed for comfort. Lacey was so professional, caring, and helpful to the family by answering their questions, listening to them and responding with emotional support and empathy. When Lacey saw that the patient was near death, noted with a change in breathing while no family was with her, she immediately called the son and informed him with a very gentle and professional tone. The son responded by staying he would call a friend to come instead of himself. She again reinforced that his mother was dying and he needed to come if he wanted to be there when she passed. He then realized what Lacey was saying and said, “I will come and be there shortly.” However, he arrived approximately 15 minutes later and she had passed. The son was accompanied by his pastor and a friend and hew thanked Lacey repeatedly for stressing to him that “now” she only has a very short time and he needed to come. This helped him realize he wanted his pastor and friend to accompany him for emotional support. He was so thankful to Lacey for her prompts to him as to the nearness of his mother’s death. He had already established a relationship with Lacey, as he had seen her care for his mother in previous night and how ‘ compassionate she was in caring for her.

Nomination No. 2 from a team member

Lacey defines what it means to be a professional nurse in today’s healthcare setting. (1) Competence – Lacey is highly skilled and often is chosen to take the sickest or most acute patients by her peers, supervisors, and physicians. (2) Customer Service – Lacey is always kind, soft-spoken, courteous, and genuine in her interactions with staff and patients. (3) Professionalism – Lacey leads by example. She is on time, respectful, a great listener, great critical thinker and makes those around her better.

Nomination No. 3 from a team member

Lacey is one of the most valuable nurses on our team at Highlands-Cashiers Hospital. She is professional, ethical, compassionate, and dependable and has exceptional clinical skills. There have been multiple episodes where Lacey has cared for rapidly deteriorating patients (some that were not even assigned to her) that ultimately required intubation. Because Lacey has ICU experience, she is one of only a couple RNs on Acute that is able to comfortably do this. She has even stayed over into the next shift to help until the patients were safely transported to a different facility. Lacey is a teacher, she has precepted nursing students and new RNs (including myself) and does an excellent job. I am comfortable working with Lacey. Above all others, I always feel secure during our shift no matter what happens because Lacey will know exactly what to do! Whenever I have a question or have uncertainty, I ask for Lacey’s advice and trust her judgement. Lacey is a team player, always jumping right in to help before being asked, and she genuinely wants to do so. I appreciate Lacey so much and feel like we are so fortunate to have her at our hospital. She is a wonderful nurse.

Megan Ernst, BSN, RN
Neonatal ICU – Mission Hospital

Megan Ernst

Nomination from a (patient’s) family member

We did not know Megan before our son was born. After that day however, she wasn’t just our son’s nurse, she felt more like a best friend. There’s not much we remember from that day except Megan. She worked so diligently to save our little boy. Before she left for the day, as we sat by his isolate crying, Megan gave us a hug and said she’d see us tomorrow. I wanted to believe her, but I was scared we wouldn’t still be there tomorrow. That day, and so many after that, she saved our sweet little boy’ life time and time again. A week after he was born, he took another turn for the worst. The doctors had told us he only had a 20% chance of surviving. When we told Megan, tears welled up in her eyes. It was so evident that she loved our little boy. For eight months Megan stood by us. She fought for Everett and us. Megan and a few others took time away from their own family to travel to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio to learn how to better care for Everett. They brought back information that changed the way he was being cared for. There were so many firsts for our family that Megan was a part of.  She never once made us feel incompetent when we asked the endless questions. Megan made us feel at ease instantly.  We would not have had the same NICU experience without Megan being there for us!

Melissa Hoskins, RN
Spine Unit – Mission Hospital

Melissa Hoskins

Nomination No. 1 from a patient

Were it not for Melissa and her assistant Emma, I might not be typing this. I had a hip replacement and was fortunate enough to be in their care. I was checked on every 20 min without exception. On one check Emma found my blood pressure to be 49/25. She quickly alerted Melissa, who came right away. Melissa immediately tilted the bed, lowering my head, and increased IV fluids. During this time, Emma kept me calm with a reassuring smile. Within minutes my blood pressure was on the rise and I was out of danger. I don’t know what would have happened if I wasn’t being monitored every 20 minutes. Thank God for Melissa Hoskins and her assistant Emma!

Nomination No. 2 from a patient

After two days under the care of Brett, my night nurse Melanie brought a new nurse into my room at shift change. We did our introductions, and I could sense right away that Melissa was a sweet soul. She checked on me frequently, measuring my vitals and administering my medication. The physicians’ assistant came around on Thursday and said I was cleared to go home, but I had an issue with using the restroom. Melissa gave my body a push with some oral medication, but it continued to be stubborn. Reluctantly, I asked her for something stronger, and she provided me with the “big guns.” Later that evening, we high-fived one another when the problem was finally resolved. No matter what duty she needed to perform, she did so wholeheartedly and with the friendliest attitude. Melissa is a wonderful nurse, and I am so thankful to have been in her care.

Nomination No. 3 from a patient

For Melissa, keeping my water pitcher filled was as important as checking my blood pressure. Her listening skills are excellent—she asks good questions and gives good answers to mine. She has extraordinary empathy. Her skills are surpassed only by her genuine caring. Terrific nurse!

Carrie Jackson, RN, C-EFM
Labor and Delivery – Mission Hospital McDowell

Carrie JacksonNomination from a patient

I was really in the mood for some Lucky Charms cereal and I called my family and they couldn’t do anything for me. So, first she looked in the emergency department and then the acute care department. There were no other kinds of cereal anywhere. So, she calls her daughter and has her bring me a BIG box of Lucky Charms so that I have something to snack on all night. Thank you, Carrie, for caring!




Tracy Mather, RN
Outpatient Nursing Services – Transylvania Regional Hospital

Tracy Mather

Nomination from a patient

Tracy went above and beyond from the moment I came into the pre-op area. I was anxious and she was thoughtful and caring as well as capable. I had complications and my surgery had to be postponed and she actively made sure I was taken care of before I was discharged. She called me at home to check on me and follow up. Tracy watched for me the following week when I returned to have my surgery that had been rescheduled, and even though I was not assigned to her that day as her patient, she spent time with me and got me ready for my procedure and also calmed my fears as I prepared for surgery. She was THE difference in making a stressful situation so much better. She made all the difference to me and I am so grateful to have been in her care.

Nurses across Mission Health are are honored throughout the year with The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. Nurses are nominated by their peers, leaders, patients and families. Nominate a nurse colleague today.


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