New “Report Phishing” Button in Outlook – How to Report Phishy Emails

Mission Health team members will notice a new button in your Outlook that looks like the “phish” image featured above. This new function will allow you to easily and safely report “phishy” emails. Phishy emails? Basically, any email you receive and find suspicious, you can report by clicking this button, which is an information protection and security feature by HCA Healthcare.

The button is being automatically downloaded and installed to your computer through the HCA Healthcare Software Center. You may be asked to close and reopen Outlook once it’s installed.

What’s a “Phishy” Email?

How to Use the “Report a Potential Phish” Button

If you receive an email you believe is potential phish mail that isn’t Junk or Spam: click the email to select it, then click the “Report Phishing” button. Read the pop up and click “OK.” (Watch an instructional video here.)

This button/feature is not yet available from Outlook Web Access (OWA) or on mobile devices – report potential phishing emails from OWA or your mobile device by email to

What happens next?

Once you’ve reported an email using the Report Phishing button, your email will be sent to the HCA Healthcare Cyber Defense Center for review. The email will be automatically moved out of your inbox into your Junk Email folder. The HCA Healthcare Cyber Defense Center will email you to let you know if it’s dangerous or non-malicious.

We hope this tool is handy and convenient for you to help make your email even more secure! If you have questions, email HCA Healthcare’s Information Protection and Security team at


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