3 New IT Service Portals Coming Soon – Which Portal Do You Use?

Mission Health’s service management tool, MyMissionIT, will soon migrate to HCA Healthcare’s tool, HCA ServiceCentral, which is used across all HCA Healthcare facilities. The portal will remain largely the same with some changes to features or functions, but the main thing that’s new and noteworthy is your portal’s designated homepage, which will be based according to your role.

What’s new?

Beginning June 28, you will continue to go to to access the Service Portal and connect with our Service Desk. However at log in, you will use your HCA 3/4 ID and be redirected to your designated homepage, which will be based on your job/role, either according to your job code in Infor or Cactus credential for physicians.

The three new portals within HCA ServiceCentral that you will use to connect with the Service Desk and report work-related incidents are:

  1. Clinical Portal – For Nurses to report incidents
  2. Physician Portal – For Physicians to report incidents
  3. HCA Portal – All team members will use the HCA Portal to request IT support or equipment, and non-clinical team members will use the HCA Portal to report incidents of any kind.

All team members will continue to contact the Service Desk the same way by calling 828-213-2000 for urgent issues or accessing MyMissionIT through the Citrix Storefront to submit requests, seek support or report incidents for low- to medium-level issues.

Why three portals?

Team members at and away from the bedside have different needs for support and issues to report with IT. By having dashboards and homepages unique to you and your role, team members can get the support you need more efficiently and IT can better assist you.

Which portal do you use?

All team members will use the HCA Portal to submit general IT service requests and find knowledge articles (in the “Get Information” section). The HCA Portal is also where you can view your tickets and approval requests.

View your ticket submissions in your HCA Portal dashboard.

The Physician and Clinical Portals are designed with our bedside practitioners in mind, making it easy to submit issues or create service tickets in two clicks or in 10 seconds or less. Nurses and Physicians can quickly report issues related to your role or work area from your respective portal’s dashboard without leaving the clinical portal. Simply toggle over to the HCA Portal by clicking on your name in your dashboard and choosing HCA Portal from the drop-down menu.

How to Submit a Ticket Request

1. Go to the HCA Portal homepage. Select “Request a Product or Service” and on the next screen choose “North Carolina.”

2. Browse the list or use the search bar to type for something more specific.

Since the HCA ServiceCentral portal is used by all HCA Healthcare colleagues, you may get an overwhelming amount of results if you use the search bar to explore the catalog. Starting with “North Carolina” or “NCDV” may help better filter your results. If your search results bring up something that is offered somewhere else but not at Mission Health, simply ignore it and search for the Mission Health category. The one category that’s the same for colleagues across all of HCA Healthcare is the “Password Reset” catalog item (see more information below).

3. If a category does not display or cannot be found, there are two options:

  • Clinical Portal users can select “Other Issue”
  • The Service Desk can log a Generic Request in the Technical Catalog

For Password Resets, use the enterprise request form – there is a specific section for North Carolina on the catalog form.

As always, for urgent needs or assistance, call the North Carolina Division Service Desk at 828-213-2000.


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