Beth Binzel Scholarship

$2,500 Scholarship Makes Life-long Learning Possible for Mission Hospital RN

What started out as a routine day caring for patients on the Renal Medicine Unit turned into an extraordinary “pay day” for Mission Hospital RN Beth Binzel when she found out that she was awarded a Western Governors University (WGU) Healthcare Partners Scholarship valued at $2,500.

Dr. Cindy Garcia, a strategic partnerships manager at WGU North Carolina surprised Beth with the news, along with CNO Karen Olsen, Associate CNO Faye Perry, Nurse Executive Director Carrie Edgison, Nurse Director Cora Small and Renal Medicine Nurse Manager Bobbie Clawson.

The scholarship is available to employees of WGU’s partner hospitals and healthcare organizations who wish to advance their education to become educators, managers and leaders in vital healthcare fields.

“I’m extremely grateful to receive this scholarship,” said Beth. “Lifelong learning is important to me, but financial stressors have been an ever-present barrier. This scholarship makes going back to school a lot more feasible.”

“My goal is to be that nurse for the next generation.”

Beth is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at WGU, which offers a competency-based program, one where students’ progress through courses only after they can prove that they’ve mastered the material, rather than at a pace dictated by semesters or credit hours.

“I spent a long time researching schools, and I’m excited about WGU’s approach to learning, which is ‘it happens everywhere, not just in the classroom.’ If I learn faster, or lean on knowledge that I’ve already acquired at Mission, then I can accelerate,” added Beth.

Beth has been able to pass on some of her knowledge by precepting others, and looks forward to providing even more valuable teaching and learning experiences in the future.

“I’ve been truly blessed to work with amazing nurses at Mission who were always happy to help and teach me new skills. My goal is to be that nurse for the next generation,” said Beth.

According to her manager Bobbie Clawson, Beth exemplifies excellence and demonstrates a commitment to the profession of nursing. “She is well regarded by her patients and peers, and always takes the time to make everyone feel special. This [scholarship] is a well-deserved honor,” added Bobbie.

Beth said that her father always told her that education could take her anywhere she wanted to go, and that it was the key to open all doors.

“This scholarship will help pave my road to success, and ensure that I have the opportunities and clinical expertise needed to thrive in the rapidly changing world of medicine,” said Beth.

Beth has worked in the healthcare industry for 13 years, first as a nursing assistant, and then as an RN. She became a member of the Mission Health family in 2017, and currently serves as the falls champion for her unit.


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