Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: “No Passing Zones” Coming to Mission Health Sister Hospitals

Be a Team Player in the No Passing Zone

Whether you’re a Patriots fan or a Panthers fan, we can agree how the best football teams make it to the Super Bowl: With amazing teamwork, of course! Now for a trickier question, what does football have to do with healthcare? (And no, it’s not all the acronyms!) Teamwork! In healthcare, it’s the teamwork that goes into creating the best experience for our patients every time, similar to how it takes teamwork to earn a touchdown.

We will be adopting the practice of a No Passing Zone at our sister hospitals. As this practice has been in place at Angel Medical Center for over a year, the team continues to score “touchdowns” in responding to patient needs and simply making them feel comfortable and safe. The No Passing Zone system will be implemented at Mission Hospital next year.

Why No Passing? Keywords at Key Times

Imagine lying in a bed watching people walk by your room and no one is responding to your call for help.

The purpose of having a No Passing Zone culture is to create a safe and responsive environment. It requires the involvement of all hospital team members through the use of keywords at key times. This type of engagement helps improve response times when patients or their families require assistance, which facilitates the connection to the appropriate healthcare team provider to meet each patient’s needs. By creating an environment that engages every team member in a No Passing Zone ensures our patients feel valued, safe and secure, and demonstrates teamwork.

In the No Passing Zone, No One:

  • Passes a call light
  • Passes an alarm
  • Passes a patient or family member in need of assistance
  • Passes trash or clutter in a patient’s room, or inside or outside the facility

Every Team Members’ Role in a No Passing Zone

Regardless of roles within the organization, it is your role to stop and identify the patient’s need for assistance, and notify the primary nurse if necessary. Rely on keywords at key times to demonstrate positive and caring customer service, and pick up trash from hallways, patient rooms and facility grounds when you see it. We are a team and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure our patients’ and visitors’ needs are being met. And by working together, we will always provide an exceptional care experience for each person, family and team.

What’s Next?

In the coming weeks, your leader will talk more about this safety practice and provide you with additional information. Thank you for your partnership as we work to demonstrate teamwork in all we do.

Learn More

Watch the video below and visit the Icare and No Passing Zone resource center.


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