Upgrade Your Mission Health Computer to Windows 10

updated Sept. 9, 2019

Windows 10 is coming to Mission Health! What does this mean for you (and your computer)?

Starting September 9, team members with eligible computers can begin upgrading your computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10. This process must be complete by November 30, 2019. Most of America is already using Windows 10, and it’s time for Mission Health to catch up (we’re still using Windows 7). Windows 10 increases security and reliability, and will help standardize the functionality and systems on thousands of computers and laptops across Mission Health.

Click here for instructions to upgrade to Windows 10 and see if your computer is eligible

What to do before you upgrade your computer:

Save files on your T: drive. While you might not lose any files on your computer/desktop when you upgrade, it’s possible it could happen if they are not saved in your personal folder on the Mission Health network. To be safe, save any files currently on your desktop or computer to your T: drive so they live securely on the Mission Health network. This way they won’t be lost after you upgrade – this is also best practice for team members to save files anyway.

What to do when it’s time to upgrade September 9:

  • If you have an assigned laptop or desktop computer, you will need to follow these instructions to upgrade your computer. The Windows 10 upgrade/installation will take approximately 2 hours, so block out time on your calendar to complete the upgrade by November 30, 2019.
  • If you use a computer in an open/shared work space, upgrading to Windows 10 does not apply to those computers at this time.
  • What about computers in the Mission Hospital North Tower? Most computers will be installed with Windows 10. If you have a laptop/computer you are bringing over to the North Tower, you will need to follow the instructions to upgrade to Windows 10 before.

What if I try try to upgrade my computer starting September 9, but don’t see an option to? There is nothing you need to do. IT will follow up later with details for next steps.

What happens if I don’t upgrade my computer to Windows 10? IT may schedule the upgrade remotely and notify you of the date and time the upgrade will occur. Your computer will need to be left on during that time. IT will provide additional guidance if this needs to occur.

In the meantime, move/save your files to your local T: drive. If you have questions or need assistance, contact the Service Desk at 828-213-2000. You will learn more and receive instructions closer to September 9 when you can begin updating your computer with Windows 10.


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