Top 10 Posts – August 2019

Pack your backpacks! School is back in session, soon the leaves will change and the days will get shorter. As always, we shared a lot of great team member news last month. Couldn’t catch it all? We’ve gathered August’s team member favorites right here.

Here are the Top 10 posts from August 2019 – bringing you team member favorites and the information you need (like this), to know (like this) and love (like this).

10. Prepare for take-off 

Every day we’re getting closer and closer to the Mission Hospital North Tower opening for patient care this fall. There’s a lot that goes into opening a new facility and that includes making sure our team members are prepared to work in their new environments.

The next step for the new facility to open is training and education for Mission Hospital team members. This includes: 1) LMS modules and 2) Super Users. If your unit or department is moving into the North Tower, you should have begun training this month. To start off your Top 10 for the month, refresh yourself on the trainings you and your team need to complete.

Education and Training for the Mission Hospital North Tower

9. You’ve been recognized!

Probably one of the best emails you can get! If you’ve been saving your WooHoo! points, your patience has paid off – there are now even more options than ever to redeem your points! See how your colleagues spend their WooHoo! points and check out the catalog for new items.

Turn Your Recognition into Meaningful Rewards – Redeem Your WooHoo! Points

8. Same SCOPE, new schedule

In August, you probably noticed something different in The SCOPE’s schedule. For nearly 4 years, The SCOPE has been sent to all team members across Mission Health every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our readership has grown year after year, proving that The SCOPE is where team members go to get the information you need, know and love – much like our monthly Top 10 posts!

Starting on August 12, The SCOPE went from three editions a week to one edition a week. Read about the decision behind this change.

The Same SCOPE, New Schedule – Starting August 12

7. Consider getting the MMR vaccine

With the uptick in cases of measles, Mission Health is embarking on an effort to ensure all team members are immune to the disease. Mission Health is recommending team members receive the MMR vaccine to protect themselves from contracting measles, if they have not already received the vaccine or if they do not have titers that show immunity. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people, especially healthcare personnel, get the MMR vaccine if they are not already immune.

Are You Immune from Measles? Consider Getting the MMR Vaccine

6. Teamwork makes the dream work in the “No Passing Zone”

In August, Mission Health’s sister hospitals adopted the practice of a No Passing Zone. In healthcare, teamwork creates the best experience for our patients every time, similar to how it takes teamwork to earn a touchdown.

Learn more about the No Passing Zone and what your role is in it.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: “No Passing Zones” Coming to Mission Health Sister Hospitals

5. That was easy!

What do a T-shirt, a tote bag and a water bottle all have in common? If you guessed that you can find all of these (and much more) on, then you’re correct (and a really good guesser)! Since Mission Health partnered with Staples Promotional Products (SPP), our team members have even more access to a variety of Mission Health-branded items and can even order custom Mission Health items.

That Was Easy: Access a Variety of Mission Health Merchandise

4. Time for an upgrade

Windows 10 is coming to Mission Health! Beginning September 9, team members with eligible computers can begin upgrading your computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Discover what else this means for you and your computer.

Coming Soon: Upgrade Your Mission Health Computer to Windows 10

3. That’s a lot of files!

Every day in the normal course of business thousands of records and documents are created, scanned, saved and filed within our organization and the wider HCA Healthcare enterprise. Our Records Management Policy (# EC.014) establishes the scope and purpose of a comprehensive Records Management program, which emphasizes our commitment for complete, accurate and high quality records to ensure consistent superior patient healthcare.

Here’s everything you need to know about the update to our Records Management Policy.

That’s a Lot of Files! Important Update to Records Management Policy

2. Refresh yourself

Did you know the Code of Conduct Refresher Course, on HealthStream is due by 11:59 pm on October 31? Every team member across the HCA Healthcare enterprise must complete a Code of Conduct one time, plus the Refresher Course each year, including those of us in the North Carolina Division.

Be sure to complete these modules as soon as possible!

Complete the 2019 Code of Conduct Refresher Course in HealthStream by October 31

1. What’s happening with 2020 Annual Enrollment and benefits for Mission Health team members?

To top off our August Top 10, what better topic to talk about than an upcoming one! Annual Enrollment will be here before we know it, but before it gets here, we have some important information about Annual Enrollment for 2020 benefits to share with you.

Last year we noted that we would be remaining on Mission Health benefits at least through this year (2019), rather than move to HCA Healthcare benefits. Now, we’ve determined that we will continue on Mission Health’s benefits for the 2020 plan year as well. Why? Learn more.

What’s Happening with 2020 Annual Enrollment and Benefits for Mission Health Team Members?

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