Resetting Your Password at Work is Easy with LexisNexis

Starting, Friday, November 15, Mission Health will use LexisNexis for identify verification for account unlock and password reset. At this time, LexisNexis will only be used for HCA Healthcare applications (such as your email, HealthStream, eSAF, TimeWatch, etc.). In January, Mission Health will use LexisNexis for Mission Health applications (such as Cerner, Infor, ServiceCentral, etc.).

What does this mean?

If you forget your password or login for an HCA Healthcare application you use at work and contact the Service Desk to request your password, the Service Desk will no longer request your Social Security Number (SSN) to verify your identity. Instead, you will be asked to verify your home address, then asked to answer a series of identity verification questions to authenticate your identity.

If you’ve ever opened a bank account or purchased a vehicle, LexisNexis was likely used to verify your identity. Questions include things like “Which of the following colleges have you attended?” and “According to your driver license, how tall are you?”

Your personal information is not stored or saved in any way!

Why LexisNexis?

LexisNexis is an industry leading company in identity verification. HCA Healthcare uses LexisNexis to protect our colleagues’ Social Security Numbers (SSN). While LexisNexis may seem like a more involved process than verifying with only the SSN, it is more secure – which protects our colleagues and our IT Service Desk team members!

What do you need to do?

To make requesting your password if you ever forget it even easier, enroll in Identity Connect, which enables you to unlock your account and reset your password without ever calling the IT Service Desk.

  • Enroll in the Password Reset Tool. Did you know that you can reset your password or unlock your account without calling the Service Desk? Click here for directions and more information about enrolling in Password Reset.
  • Then, starting November 15, if you need to call the Service Desk to unlock your account or reset your password, simply answer the identity verification questions asked by the Help Desk representative.

If you have questions about Password Reset or LexisNexis, email Information Protection & Security.


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