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Change Your Password for Mission Health Applications

In December, North Carolina Division will align with HCA Healthcare’s password policy and standards. Colleagues who don’t meet the guidance listed below, as outlined in AC.SAC.03, will be forced to change their password for Mission Health applications in December.

What to Do

  • Change your password to meet the following complexity rules:
    • Must be changed once a year
    • Minimum password length of eight characters
    • Minimum complexity must contain one character from three out of the four groups listed below:
      • Upper case letter
      • Lower case letter
      • Number
      • Special character (ex:!,$,*,etc…)
    • You can change your password by hitting Ctrl + Alt + Delete and selecting “Change a Password”.  If you are working within a Mission Health location, please do this before moving your computer to a non-Mission Health location.
    • If you or your team members are remote and do not come into a Mission Health location and need to reset your password, click here.

For questions and help with resetting your password or requesting account access, read about LexisNexis


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