Old MOD is Going Away on December 10 – Here’s What You Need to Know and Do Before That

As we’ve said, old MOD is going away. We’ve experienced a successful launch of New MOD with thousands of you using it daily. Out of habit, some of you are still going to old MOD so we want to kindly remind you that old MOD is going away on December 10.

Here’s what will happen: On December 10 starting at 6 am, when you visit old MOD (, you will be redirected to a landing page reminding you that New MOD is live and to bookmark that page for future use.

Here’s what you need to know now that old MOD has officially gone away:

  • Bookmark New MOD:
  • Explore New MOD. Visit your department’s page and make sure links/documents you access regularly are on the New MOD.
  • Browse old MOD for content that you need on New MOD (if you haven’t already).
  • Identify a Content Manager from your team (if you haven’t already). Once you identify that person, submit a request with the IT Service Desk for instructions to log in and edit your department page. The Content Manager can help update and edit your department’s page.
  • Connect with your team. Help make sure your colleagues understand old MOD is going away at 6 am on December 10 and at that point, it will no longer be accessible.

If you need help using New MOD, click here. Otherwise, report issues you experience to the Service Desk at 828-213-2000 or online at


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