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Visitor Restrictions Now in Place at Mission Health Hospitals – January 13, 2020

We are elevating our Visitor Limitation Policy to Restrictions because of an increase in reported influenza-like illness throughout North Carolina. The number of reported cases has continued to increase statewide now to more than 6 percent. Effective immediately, only partners and immediate family members over the age of 12 will be permitted in patient care areas at all Mission Health hospitals.

Team members should help place the blue Visitor Restrictions signs in their areas. If you do not have signs from last year, they are available to order online from the Print Shop using keyword search flu.

We understand these restrictions may pose a hardship for some, but our utmost concern is for the health and safety of all our patients and our entire community, and we implement restrictions only when absolutely necessary.

We are also urging community members who become ill with symptoms of the flu to contact their primary care provider, seek care at a walk-in clinic like Mission My Care Now, conduct an online visit with a doctor or visit a nearby urgent care facility. It’s important to avoid the emergency department unless there are signs and symptoms of severe illness, as it can expose the patient to other illnesses and expose others to illness as well.

Learn more about your options for care and how you can help lessen the impact of the flu on our community this season at missionhealth.org/flu.

Visitor restrictions will remain until reported flu-like activity decreases. Team members are encouraged to wear masks if you are concerned about exposure; those exempted from the annual flu vaccine are required to wear them for the protection of our patients and one another.

Thank you for helping keep our patients, team members and entire community healthy and safe.

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