What is Mission Health System Nursing Clinical Ladder?

A Clinical Ladder is a points based professional development program promoting the exemplary professional practice of nursing.  It recognizes excellence for advanced performance, leadership, and education at the point of service.

Based on a 5-Level Program, a clinical bedside nurse can earn an award of $250 to $5,000 for their calendar year’s work!

Categories include:

  • Quality & Safety
  • Professional Communication and Dissemination
  • Life Long Learning, Professional Growth and Development
  • Commitment to Professional Organization and Community
  • Leadership
  • Clinical Expertise
  • Evidence Based Practice and Research

2019 Nursing Clinical Ladder Advancement Recipients

Did you know the 2019 Program paid 199 nurses over $778,000? Let’s take a moment to recognize and congratulate the nurses who were awarded the 2019 Nursing Clinical Ladder advancement – see the award recipients here.

“Thank you for your compassionate care and your consistent willingness to go above and beyond to promote patient and family centered care, to care for your teams and colleagues, and to explore beyond your current role.” Read more of Kathy Guyette’s, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, NC Division Chief Nurse Executive and President, Regional Hospitals, congratulations letter here.

The Benefits & Purposes of Clinical Ladder:

* Enhance, recognize & reward professional development

* Retain staff nurses in direct patient care positions.

* Increase staff nurse employee satisfaction.

* Recruitment of registered nurses by becoming recognized as a “nurse friendly” organization.

* Recognize expert nurses at the point of service.

* Promote excellence in providing patient/family centered care

* Encourage life-long learning through personal and professional development.

For more information or help with your portfolio, contact any Clinical Ladder committee member listed on the Clinical ladder Mission Point page or email judy.luff@HCAHealthcare.com, CL Committee Chair.


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