Coming soon: New Duress Badges at Mission Hospital

Beginning June 1, the NC Division Information Technology Group (ITG) will be adding 8,200 new staff duress badges at Mission Hospital, St. Joseph Hospital and CarePartners throughout 2020-2021. The rollout includes 5,000 new duress badges and 3,200 replacements of older models. Badges will be rolled out in batches of 1,000 from June 1, 2020 until March 31, 2021.

How do duress badges protect team members?

Wherever there is network wifi coverage on any campus, team members can quickly alert security that help is needed. Emergency Alerts notify Security to one’s approximate location so that responders can locate the badge wearer rapidly. In addition, Staff Assist Alerts (on nursing units) notify the unit of one’s location and urgent need.

Badges easily attach to one’s Mission ID badge and are worn for an entire shift so that need for assistance can be seen or heard at any time. Responders will send a reply acknowledgement and continue to monitor the situation until it is resolved.

Patients involved in a stressful event may also feel reassured when they know help is on the way.

What to expect …

Mission Hospital leadership has identified levels of priority for the first 1,000 badge rollout starting June 1. Each department manager will be notified of the timing for their group(s) over the next 10 months.

During rollout, your manager will distribute duress badges and provide instructions to your team during team huddles. After rollout, badges will be issued in general orientation.

Huddle meetings will include basic education about badge operation and cleaning as instructed by infection control standards. A Quick Reference Guide will be handed out to each team member upon receipt of their pre-assigned badge.

What education will be provided?

•     MOD Site for Instructional Documents, Updates and FAQs

  • Quick Tip: Search “Staff Duress” under Resources & Links on MOD to also to find this page

•     Huddle Meeting Talking Points

•     Quick Reference Guide flyer for team members

•     HealthStream Module for Managers

•     Quick Tips flyer for Managers

What COVID-19 precautions are being taken?

•     Per guidance from Infection Control, duress badges will be assigned and cleaned prior to delivering to department Managers.

•     Team Members should clean their new badge when they put it on, using either:

  • SaniWipes/Purple Top, or
  • Sani-cloth AF3 Germicidal Disposable wipes

Will our Sister Hospitals be receiving new duress badges?

After the initial roll out at Mission Hospital, ITG will be monitoring the needs at each of our Sister Facilities to access which locations may be in need of new duress badges.

Get ready for your new duress badges! Managers of departments receiving badges in June will be provided a roll-out schedule and HealthStream assignment beginning Monday, May 18. Click here to see the roll-out schedule.

Questions? Contact the IT Service Desk at 828-213-2000.


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