Important Benefit Changes Effective Now

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has affected how people use healthcare and childcare services, the government recently made special benefits enrollment rules available that employers can choose to make available to employees. Effective immediately, HCA Healthcare and Mission Health has chosen to make these optional rules available to help our team members during these difficult times. Your continued support to serving our communities and taking care of your families is very much appreciated.

The New Government Rules Allow for the Following Changes:

  • Change coverage tier (for example, Employee Only to Employee +1). Note: Changing from one health plan to another is not permitted (for example, MissionCare Plan to Health Savings Plan)
  • Drop health plan coverage if participant can attest to other coverage
  • Stop or reduce contributions to Health Care FSA as long as contributions do not go below the amount already used for 2020 (Refunds of amounts already contributed are not allowed under the CARES Act.)
  • Stop, start, increase or decrease Dependent Care FSA contributions for 2020  (Refunds of amounts already contributed are not allowed under the CARES Act.)

More Details:

  • To request a change, contact HR Direct Connect (HRDC) at 828-213-5600 or
  • Changes for the above can be requested now through October 31, 2020. You must complete a Benefit Change of Status Form. Forms are available on MissionAndMe on the Forms and Applications page under Resources.
  • Changes will be effective beginning the day of the request. However, if a request was previously submitted to HRDC and denied, the change will be retroactive to the date of the original request as long as it was on or after March 1, 2020 (the beginning of the National Emergency Period) and the event occurred on or after February 1, 2020.

For 2021:

  • Rollover up to $550 of unused 2020 Health Care FSA funds to 2021 (Increasing from $500)
  • All colleagues will have an opportunity to make changes for 2021 benefits during annual enrollment (October 14-30).

HCA Healthcare and Mission Health will continue to monitor government regulations for any additional rule changes and will provide details as soon as possible.

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