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If you’ve ever applied for a loan, an apartment or wanted to buy a home, chances are you had to verify your employment or your income. Making several calls to verify your wage is a thing of the past, team member!

Beginning October 12, team members will have access to another new tool from HCA Healthcare. Introducing, Thomas and Company! Thomas and Company is HCA Healthcare’s third-party employment and wage verification partner. The next time you need to apply for a loan or buy a car, you and the company who needs to verify you, can easily go to

What exactly is employment and income verification?

Employment and income, or wage, verification is the disclosure of dates of employment, position held, eligibility for re-hire (if you’re no longer employed at Mission Health), and income to lenders, apartment managers or other credit agencies where a current or former team member may have made an application. Verifying your employment or income can help verifiers make a well informed decision on your application.

How do I verify my wage?

You will need to provide the verifier, for example an apartment complex you’ve applied to, with HCA Healthcare’s company code, which is HCA747, your verifier PIN, which you can create when you set up your Thomas and Company account, and your social security number.

Click here for further instructions on how to verify your wage.

How do I verify just my employment?

For some applications, the verifier will only need to verify your employment status. In that instance, you will need to provide the verifier with HCA Healthcare’s company code, HCA747, and your social security number.

After you give the verifier this information, they will need to go to Thomas and Company’s website and click on the green button that says, “Request Employment and Wage Verification.” Thomas and Company will instantly provide the verifier with your first day of work at Mission Health, your last day of work (if you no longer work at Mission Health), your position and your position type, for example if you were full or part-time.

With Thomas and Company, you can easily and quickly verify your employment and wage. Be sure to set up your free account through the Thomas and Company Employee Access Portal starting October 12!

For additional information, how to set up your account, a recap of how to verify your wage or your employment, and FAQs, go to our Thomas and Company Mission&Me page for details.

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