Annual Enrollment for 2021 Benefits – What You Need to Know

Team members,

Annual Enrollment for 2021 benefits will be happening soon, and we have important information to share with you now.

When Mission Health became part of HCA Healthcare more than a year ago, we noted that we would remain on Mission Health benefits until our team members could be integrated into HCA Healthcare’s Benefits Plans. We continued under Mission Health’s benefit plans this year. Though we will ultimately transition to HCA Healthcare’s benefit plans, we have determined that we will continue on Mission Health’s benefits for the 2021 plan year.

Why are we staying on Mission Health benefits for one more year?

As we continue to transition to HCA Healthcare’s back-office systems, we are working to develop more streamlined processes. The conversion to HCA Healthcare’s version of the Infor-Lawson HR system is continuing to evolve, which is an important factor in our decision to delay the benefits conversion. Additionally, with the entire HCA Healthcare enterprise currently focused on combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, our leaders have made the decision to stay with Mission Health benefits through 2021 to minimize disruption to our operations and to you, our team members.

What does this mean for me?

So much in the world is so uncertain right now; our decision to keep Mission Health benefits through 2021 means one less change you have to worry about.

Although we will maintain Mission’s benefit plans for 2021, there will be changes with coverage similar to what we have seen in past years. In the coming weeks, we will share more information and reminders regarding Annual Enrollment for 2021 benefits with you. In the meantime, please visit the 2021 Annual Enrollment page on Mission&Me to review the digital Annual Enrollment Guide and to find additional information. Annual Enrollment is planned to be held October 14 – 30 – now is the time to begin reviewing your benefits and preparing to make any changes for 2021.

Questions in the meantime?

Visit or contact HR Direct Connect at 828-213-5600 or

**Team members who will be transitioning to HCA Healthcare benefits for 2021 are being notified. If you are part of this group, you will be sent specific instructions in early November on how to enroll in your benefits for 2021. The HCA Healthcare Annual Enrollment for benefits will open on November 11. You will not need to sign up for 2021 Mission Health benefits.

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