Mission Health is excited to confirm that COVID-19 vaccine distribution will be starting here in Western North Carolina.

We have received confirmation that Mission Health will receive approximately 3,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine to begin distribution to all Mission Health Hospitals, our local practices, and our medical staff. Please be assured that our hospital and division teams have been working diligently to create plans for the distribution and to secure the unique storage requirements of this vaccine.

You may have already received a text inviting you to take a quick survey regarding your interest in receiving the vaccine. The text begins with “HCA colleagues – Interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine?” with a link to a survey. Please complete this survey. We appreciate your response for planning purposes.

We understand that you, your family, and really the world have many questions about these vaccines. We commit to sharing information with you as it is available; please continue to check the MissionHealth.org/COVID-19 landing page for updated information.

Mission Health, as part of HCA Healthcare, is following national guidance on who is – and who is not – recommended to receive each vaccine and what to expect after vaccination, as well as ingredients, safety, and effectiveness. With input from National Academy of Medicine (NAM), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as other available literature, HCA Healthcare’s clinical and emergency operations teams have developed guidance for implementing a “tiering” system to ensure that those at greatest risk of exposure to COVID-19 have access to the vaccine first. At this point we are confident that all of our clinical colleagues who want to receive it will have the opportunity to do so in the coming weeks to be better equipped to care for our patients and the community. Further, we anticipate future shipments of the vaccine and believe it very likely that we will soon have it available for community distribution. However, we cannot yet confirm that, but we commit to making that information available just as soon as possible.

Though the vaccines are not mandatory, we believe it’s a major step towards ending this pandemic. Deployment of the vaccine does not change our commitment to all elements of universal protection, which have been the mainstay of our COVID-19 safety program to date. These include wearing a mask, practicing good hand hygiene and maintaining social distancing.

Please keep an eye out for future information coming soon. Thank you again for your commitment to caring during these unprecedented times.

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