COVID-19 Vaccine Next Steps

Thank you for your patience as we continue to learn more about our first shipment of the COVID-19 vaccine anticipated to arrive December 17.

We have a great team working round the clock to get details in place so that as many of our Mission Health team and medical staff can get vaccinated just as soon as absolutely possible.

LATEST INFO: Information including FAQs on the vaccines and our distribution will be available on  Also, even more detailed information for our colleagues is available on HCA Healthcare’s ATLAS site.

TIERING: The first doses will be made available to our team that is mostly likely to interact with COVID+ patients. However, we fully anticipate receiving ample supplies of the vaccine in the coming weeks, so that ALL our caregivers who want to receive it will have the opportunity to do so. Again, your patience is appreciated.

REGISTRATION: Watch for TWO emails needed for your vaccine registration. Some of you may have received one or both of these already.

  • One email will come from HCA Healthcare’s email system that will enable us to make sure all our Mission Health team members get the vaccine as well as provide follow-up information for the appropriate one (second dose is needed). This email will also allow you to schedule for one of the upcoming clinics to get your shot. Once you make it into the system, if you have problems with this registration, their help desk line is 828-213-2000.
  • The other email should come from “Vaccine Provider” or “Vaccine Info”  <> (or something similar) which is a North Carolina system for registering all who receive dosing for both accountability on tiering as well as to ensure that we continue to get future doses for the rest of our team members and eventually the community. Once you make it into the system, if you have problems with this registration, their help desk line is You may also visit their COVID-19 vaccine helpdesk website here.

Both emails are important and registering with both HCA and CVMS will be needed to get the vaccine. Again, we realize this may have challenges and we thank our IT and other teams who are taking every possible step to simplify these complicated processes that are beyond our control to make sure everyone is input into the various systems to receive these registration tools.

PHYSICIANS: Our physicians, both those who are employed by HCA Healthcare and those who are not employed, but are active members of our medical staff will also be in the early priority tiers. As vaccine shipments are scheduled to arrive, you will be emailed about opportunities. You will also need to complete the two registration emails from PEGA and CVMS. The PEGA email requires your ¾ ID number….this is the seven digit (3 letters/4 numbers) code that you use to login for HealthStream and our credentialing system. If you have never activated your HCA Network Account, you will be receiving a third email with directions to do so. If you need help with your ¾ ID, please contact the IT service desk at 828-213-2000.

COMMUNITY: At this time we do not have information on when we can hope to move on to wider community vaccination. However, as we move through vaccinating our caregivers in January, we anticipate getting more details and, of course, will share them as they become available. We fully expect to assist with community vaccination in 2021.


Again, thank you for caring for our patients and continuing to set the example on preventing COVID spread with the 3Ws. This vaccine, while is not mandatory, is definitely an exciting step towards overcoming this pandemic.


Find more vaccine resources available here.

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