Current Visitor Restrictions Across Mission Health

To protect our patients and staff, Mission Health will be elevating our visitor restrictions  on July 27 due to the rise in COVID-19 positives both across the state and in our hospitals. Mission Health will now allow only one (1) visitor per patient per day in our hospitals; we will continue to allow one (1) visitor to stay overnight.

Mission Health physician practices are currently allowing one (1) visitor per patient. This may vary by practice and circumstances.

There may be some exceptions based upon the care being provided in each service area.

Mission Health uses established protocols to care for patients with infectious diseases and follows CDC guidelines related to COVID-19 cases, including isolating the patients and taking steps to ensure the safety of our patients, employees and visitors. As a precaution, one (1) visitor will be allowed for COVID-19-positive patients or patients awaiting a COVID-19 test result. Proper PPE will be required for all visitors.

In an effort to keep everyone safe, we still require all patient, visitors, and employees to be masked in all public and patient care areas* of Mission Health hospitals. While we hope that many people are or will soon be vaccinated, we do not require this of anyone at this time. Per the CDC and North Carolina guidelines, wearing a mask or face covering in public settings is a simple, but powerful, action to slow the spread of this virus. Further, as those who work in healthcare, we want our employees to be role models regarding the importance of masking in public settings.

*Patient care areas are more than just ERs and patient rooms. They also include all break rooms, nursing stations, lobbies and physician practices.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. Please note that electronic devices are available upon request to assist with virtual visitation.



Entrance information for Mission Hospital:

To further protect our patients and colleagues, the hospital will also restrict and monitor the entrances for Mission Hospital. The new entrances will be:

  • • Entrance 1/ER – open to all 24/7
    • Entrance 2/North Tower – open to staff and physicians 24/7; open to patients 4:30a-5pm
    • Entrance 4/Main – open to staff and physicians 24/7; open to patients 6a-8p; open to visitors 9a-8p
    • Entrance 5/Discharge – open to staff and physicians 24/7. Not a visitor/patient entrance
    • Entrance 8/Women’s & Children’s – open to staff and physicians 24/7. Not a visitor/patient entrance
    • Entrance 9/L&D – open to staff and physicians 24/7. This will remain locked to the public with the exception of laboring moms
    • Entrance 10/Heart – open to all from 5a-5p Mon-Fri
    • St. Joseph Main Entrance – open to staff and physicians 24/7; open to visitors 8a-8p


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