Coding for Caregivers 2021

In early April, HCA and 600 members of the ITG team participated in the inaugural Coding for Caregivers, a technology development event designed to create and revise tools for the hearts, hands and minds behind most of the 30 million patient encounters each year at HCA Healthcare.

A goal every day in ITG is to make the work of nurses easier with tools that are intuitive, insightful and are a supplement to their caregiving expertise. Nurses want more time by the bedside. They want less redundant work and more application of their expertise. They want to document less and interact with patients and their families more. They need technology designed especially for them. This nurse focused hackathon worked on 29 projects to improve the nursing experience. The projects were selected from 5,000 ideas nurses submitted through a recent Glint survey.

Click the logo below to see the video that was presented by the North Carolina Division as part of this project.

The NCDV team designed an infinitely scalable iMobile solution conservatively returning 1M hours/month to our nurses to spend on patients. Contacting the on-call physician is estimated to take 2.6M nurse hours/month. Through an API driven approach, this versatile solution provides the ability for a nurse to one-click dial/text the appropriate on-call physician from any iMobile screen. Imagine their excitement when our nurses and physicians can communicate easily and accurately. We didn’t stop there, imagine a physician securely receiving the appropriate patient information ahead of the nurse’s call. We also dreamed big, knowing other care teams may be interested and created a central repository for all on-call data that any platform or HCA user could access. This team literally worked around the clock and from multiple countries to bring you iMobile onCallNow!

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