Want an Easy Way to Invest in the Stock Market? Learn How During the ESPP Enrollment Period

Have you been wanting to invest in the stock market, but weren’t sure where to start? Or maybe you already own stock and are looking to broaden your investments? Look no further, team member! Mission Health team members now have the unique opportunity to once again enroll in the HCA Healthcare Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) or make changes to your account May 1-15.

The ESPP allows you to set aside a small amount from each paycheck, on an after-tax basis, to purchase shares of HCA Healthcare stock at a discount. You have four opportunities (or “enrollment periods”) each year to buy shares.

The ESPP is a unique benefit that offers you the opportunity to:

 You have four opportunities each year to enroll or make changes to your account:

Who can enroll?

Please note: The following employees may not be eligible for the ESPP due to current agreements or regulatory compliance: Employees at facilities participating in a collective bargaining agreement or a facility that mirrors a facility with a collective bargaining agreement, certain employed physicians and employees of a partnership.

Need Assistance? 

For more information or to enroll, go to MissionandMe.com, click Total Rewards → Managing My Financial Security and select HCA Healthcare Employee Stock Purchase Plan [1]. The first time you access the Benefits Online site, you will need to create a Merrill Lynch user ID and password. If you have questions, call Merrill Lynch at 855-422-7862.


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