Mission Pharmacy

As integral members of the care team, you’ll find our pharmacy staff knowledgeable, friendly and eager to provide you with the best possible care. Allow one of our pharmacists to become your champion in managing all medication-related services.

  • Rx 2 Go – Download a free and easy-to-use app that gives you the ability to order refills directly from your Apple or Android mobile device
  • Refills – Prescriptions refills can also be requested via the Mission website, for participating locations
  • Insurance – The pharmacy accepts all major insurance plans and delivers competitive cash pricing; annual deductible for some Mission insurance holders may be waived*
  • Employee Payroll Deduction – For added convenience, we also support the employee payroll deduction plan for all purchases, not just medications*
  • Over the Counter Products – Accessibility to a wide variety of top quality OTC items at bargain-based pricing provides you with both an economic and convenient option to avoid another stop to or from work
  • Onsite Inventory – A comprehensive inventory allows us to consistently provide the prescription medications you need
  • Consultations – Individualized patient counseling on possible drug/drug, drug/allergy or drug/disease state interactions, side effects and cost analysis are provided to improve adherence
  • Consolidation – If you have not previously used one of our Mission pharmacies, a member of the pharmacy team can easily transfer all of your prescriptions to the location of your choice
  • BONUS – Mission Community Pharmacy features “APawthecary Pharmacy” to help with any pet specific medications your furry friends may need* (*Note that eligibility is based on type of employee insurance plan)

Click here for a listing of Mission pharmacy locations.

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