Do You Need to Make a Change to Your Benefits?

Annual Enrollment is your one opportunity to elect benefits each year. Any changes outside of Annual Enrollment require a qualifying life event to be reported within 31 days.

What Kinds of Changes May I Make?
A status change event must result in you or your eligible dependent gaining or losing eligibility for that coverage or similar coverage under Mission’s Plan or a plan sponsored by the employer of your eligible dependent. Any change you make must be consistent with the status change event that occurred. Please refer to this worksheet [1] for the valid reasons you may submit a change request mid-year.

How Do I Submit a Benefit Change Request for 2021?
Once you verify that your change is considered a valid Qualified Life Event, you will need to submit to our plan administrator this form [2], along with proof, within the change period (usually 31 days except for specific events – see worksheet for descriptions). Please email to

Annual Enrollment for 2022
Open Enrollment for 2022 will be the next opportunity to make changes. Watch Scope for information coming soon.


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