HCA Healthcare Colleague Recognition Program

More Recognition. More Rewards.

HCA Healthcare Colleague Recognition is an online platform designed to recognize our most important asset – YOU!

This platform allows you to give and receive recognition, earn points and most importantly, it allows us to recognize your contributions to our mission of caring for and improving human life.

  • Your online account can be accessed from your workstation, personal computer and mobile device.
  • Online tools make it easy to give and receive real-time recognition and rewards.
  • There will be many ways to be recognized and earn points throughout the year.
  • Your points can be easily redeemed for rewards from the large online catalog of options.

Get Started:

  1. You should have received a registration email that was sent to your work address. Click the registration link in the email to set your password and answer security questions
  2. If you don’t have the email, go to https://ColleagueRecognition.isrewards.com, enter your HCA 3-4 ID as your user name and click Forgot Password

Future Visits:

  1. Go to: https://ColleagueRecognition.isrewards.com
  2. If you are on the HCA Healthcare network, click the On-Site Login button for a single-sign-on connection
    If you are not on the HCA Healthcare network, enter your user name and password (or click Forgot Password)
  3. To recognize a colleague, click the Recognize button, enter the colleague’s name in the search box, enter details about the recognition and click Submit
  4. To redeem your points, click the Rewards button to view options, make a selection, click Add to Cart and submit your order


  1. Program User Guide
  2. Program FAQ
  3. Program Brochure
  4. Program Flyer



Contact customer service at (800) 337-8915 or send an email to cservice@incentiveservices.com. You will need to reference your sponsoring company: HCA Healthcare.


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