MHAV Voice Migration Quick Reference

For a PDF version of the MHAV Voice Migration Quick Reference Card, click here [1].

Dial Plan Changes

Campus Buildings – Mission, St. Joseph, 1 Hospital Drive & 21 Hospital Drive

Calls / Faxes within Campus Dial: * + 7-digit phone number (ex. *213-1000)
Calls / Faxes outside Campus Dial: 10-digit phone number (ex. 828-775-XXXX)

Do Not Dial 9 or 1

Operator 00 (dial zero twice)
Code Call 11511

Phone Support/Help Desk: *213-2000 or (828) 213-2000


  1. From your phone, press the Messages or Record button.
  2. Enter the default voicemail pin/password: 123456#.
  3. You will be prompted to speak your name, record a greeting, and enter a new pin.
  4. Notice: You will be required to change your pin every six months.


  1. To listen to your voice messages, press the Messages or Record button on your phone.
  2. Enter your password and press #.
  3. To access new messages, press 1.
  4. To access saved messages, press 3.
  5. To forward a message, listen to the message and select 5, “forward message” and follow prompts.


  1. To retrieve your voice messages from another phone within the Facility, press the Messages or Record button.  To retrieve your voice messages from outside the Facility, dial your 10-digit phone number
  2. Enter * once the greeting begins.
  3. Enter your mailbox ID (10 digit phone number) followed by #.
  4. Enter your password followed by #.

VOICEMAIL SHORTCUTS: While message is playing…

  1. Repeat
  2. Save
  3. Erase
  4. Decrease speed
  5. Change volume
  6. Increase speed
  7. Skip back
  8. Pause

#: Skip to end

##: Skip to next message



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