ELSO’s Gold Level Center of Excellence Award

Congratulations to Mission Hospital ECLS Team for receiving the Gold Level Center of Excellence Award for 2021-2024.

The Excellence in Life Support Award recognizes those centers that demonstrate an exceptional commitment to evidence-based processes and quality measures, staff training and continuing education, patient satisfaction and ongoing clinical care. This prestigious award honors all the remarkable individuals who make up the Mission ECLS team as it reflects their steadfast- determined pursuit to provide “HOPE” to western North Carolina in these unprecedented times. A special thanks to the dedicated individuals who championed the development, evaluation, and improvement of Mission ECLS program; Ami Torrey ( ECLS Coordinator), Kathryn Holland (ECLS Quality Advisor), Dr. Jesse Madden (ECLS Medical Director), Dr. Oliver Binns ( ECLS Co- Director), Dr. Tim Heacock (Pulmonary Critical Care), and Vinay Thohan ( Heart Failure.)

Pictured Left to Right
Abbey Meyers
Chelsey Nyberg
Jennifer Barrett
Sarah Proctor
Katie Harriman
Katelin Myers
Joe Rafferty
Rusty Durden
Tori Mason
Christi Britt
Amy Riggs
Jennifer Ritchie
Ami Torrey
Jesse Madden
Harriet McGinnis
Christina Conyers
Kelly Marsh
Sarah Proctor
Shelby Runkles
Chris Walksoski
Kathryn Holland
Jesse Madden
Susie Short
Randy Cloutier
Lori Wooten
Kelly Coward
Jen Dagenhart
Ashley Hittel
Elli Hipps
Harriet Mcginnis
Oliver Binns
Chris Hendricks
Barbara Buckbee
Angel Myers
Tricia Spiliotis
Chris Walksoski
Jim Mehaffey
Margaret Relle

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