HCA Healthcare Awards of Distinction 2022 Nominations

The HCA Healthcare Awards of Distinction – including the Frist Humanitarian Award, Excellence in Nursing Award and Innovators Award – are the highest honors we bestow on our employees, physicians and volunteers. These awards honor exceptional individuals whose professional and personal lives reflect the patient-centered, entrepreneurial and humanitarian values upon which HCA Healthcare was founded.

Do you know someone who brings our mission to life? Nominations are now being accepted for these prestigious awards.

  • The Frist Humanitarian Award, which honors employees, volunteers and physicians for their exceptional humanitarian and volunteer activities. The awards are given annually in recognition of the caring spirit and philanthropic work of the late Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr.
  • The Excellence in Nursing Award, which recognizes the invaluable contributions our nurses make in two categories: professional mentoring and compassionate care.
  • The Innovators Award, which recognizes individuals who advance the mission of the organization through innovation and inspire a culture of innovation.

Nomination forms

Your facility’s internal judging team will nominate:

  • Three recipients for the Frist Humanitarian Award (including one physician, one employee and one volunteer)
  • Two nurses for the Excellence in Nursing Award (professional mentoring and compassionate care)
  • One individual for the Innovators Award

How do I submit my nomination?

Print out a copy of the nomination form. (Tip: be sure to read over the award criteria located on the nomination form!)

Once you have completed your nomination form, you will submit your nomination by April 20, 2022 for consideration.

For more information or to submit a nomination form, please connect with your facilities contact:
Mission Hospital: Amber Ramer, Amber.Ramer@hcahealthcare.com
Asheville Specialty Hospital: Katy Pless, Katy.Pless@HCAHealthcare.com
Blue Ridge Regional Hospital: Colby Boston, Colby.Boston@HCAHealthcare.com
Mission Hospital McDowell: Colby Boston, Colby.Boston@HCAHealthcare.com
CarePartners: Katy Pless, Katy.Pless@HCAHealthcare.com
Transylvania Regional Hospital: Nicky Estes, Nicolette.Estes@HCAHealthcare.com
Highlands-Cashiers Hospital: Cal Isaacs, McAllister.IsaacsIV@HCAHealthcare.com
Angel Medical Center: Kristie Foxx, Kristi.Foxx@HCAHealthcare.com

What happens after I submit my nomination?

Your division will select one recipient in each category to submit to the corporate office for a final round of judging to choose the enterprise recipients. After the enterprise recipients are chosen by the selection committee, the corporate office will notify the recipients’ facility CEOs.


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