Flu Season Ahead – What You Need to Know about This Year’s Flu Vaccine Process

Mission Health recognizes that getting an annual flu vaccine is one of the best ways to protect our patients, community and fellow team members from harm. This season, staff should get their flu shot or complete the declination by October 31, 2022.

In preparation for flu season, beginning in early September, team members can either:

  • Get a flu shot at a Mission WorkWell location
  • Get a flu shot at a non-Mission WorkWell clinic

All unvaccinated team members will be required to wear a medical face mask at all times within the walls of our facilities or when providing care in patient homes or alternate settings beginning November 1, 2022 until the end of the flu season.

For details about this year’s vaccine and the information above, visit the Flu Vaccine 2022-2023 homepage.

Flu Vaccine Clinic Schedule 2022.


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