2022 HCA Healthcare Awards of Distinction Winners – NCDV

The HCA Healthcare Awards of Distinction – including the Frist Humanitarian Award, Excellence in Nursing Award and Innovators Award – are the highest honors we bestow on our employees, physicians and volunteers. These awards honor exceptional individuals whose professional and personal lives reflect the patient-centered, entrepreneurial and humanitarian values upon which HCA Healthcare was founded. Let’s take a moment to recognize and congratulate our NCDV 2022 Awards of Distinction Recipients.

Frist Humanitarian Award

The Frist Humanitarian Award, named in honor of HCA Healthcare co-founder, Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Sr. (1910 – 1998), was created in 1971. The award honors individuals within HCA Healthcare who demonstrate a level of commitment and caring that goes beyond everyday acts of kindness, and who inspire colleagues with their compassion and dedication. The award is given to 1 volunteer, 1 employee and 1 physician.

James (Jim) Rider: Volunteer – MH
Dr. Patti Wheeler: Employee (employed physician) – HCH
Dr. Chad Smoker: Physician – BRRH

Excellence in Nursing Award

The HCA Excellence in Nursing Award was created in 2014 to recognize the intrinsic value of the practice of nursing in accomplishing our goal of providing the highest quality care to the patients and communities we serve. Our 94,000 knowledgeable and compassionate nurses are on the front line of patient care, every day. The award recognizes HCA Healthcare nurses who care like family and excel in the categories of Compassionate Care and Professional Mentoring.

McKenzie Bridges Karp: Compassionate Care – MH
Debbie Krueger: Professional Mentoring – NCDV

Innovators Award

HCA Healthcare was founded by leaders who dared to ask, “What if?” This question led to the creation of HCA Healthcare and it continues to drive our organization forward and unlock numerous possibilities for our patients, colleagues and communities. Created in 2010, the HCA Innovators Award recognizes innovative thinkers who help us improve our nursing operations, engage our physicians, generate growth and provide excellent patient care.

Barry Mingle: Innovator – MHM

Congratulations to our 2022 HCA Healthcare Awards of Distinction – NCDV winners.

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