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What is happening?

All legacy user T: drives are transitioning to Microsoft OneDrive.

 When must I complete this?

You may log in to your OneDrive and start the migration process anytime. However, all users must complete their data migration from the legacy T: drive to OneDrive by September 1. T: drives will become inaccessible after September 1. After this date, recovering data will require a ticket to the IT Service Desk.

After December 15, all T: drive data will be permanently retired.

Why is this happening?

Microsoft OneDrive is the primary storage location for all business-related HCA user files. All legacy Mission IT infrastructure is being decommissioned as we complete the transition to enterprise IT systems.

Note: This communication does not pertain to shared/department folders. Please be on the lookout for future information.

What do I need to do?

All users have a OneDrive account on Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud platform, accessible from any computer workstation, including TapNGo devices. If you have any additional questions, please contact the IT service desk. [1]

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